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Omnia El Houbi

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

- Two languages at least, are employed within the text to convey a cultural and experimental impact.

- The use of Arabic, standard or colloquial, and English is to eliminate the "Hegemonic effect", according to Mikhail Bakhtin's theory.

- Diana embeds Arabic words to draw the attention of the Western reader to her culture's specific events.
Multilayered and Multi-cultured

- Arab American literature encompasses the Arab, American and sometimes other coexisting cultures in the American society.
- The first generation always yearning to homeland. On the other hand, the second and third generations are sometimes presented brainwashed and Americanized.
- There are those who are culturally aware and at the same time fulfill their role in the America society.
However, it can be a point of strength:
Refuting the stereotypes and presenting the true image.
- Diana tackles the identity dilemma in Arabian Jazz and Crescent whom protagonists are torn between the host country and the homeland and do not know to whom shall they belong.

Arab-American Literature
- Symbolism is a significant feature of Arab-American literature.
-It conveys cultural specific notions.
-The olive tree as a symbol of peace.
- Generally, Arab-American writers:
The cuisine components to stand for the pride of their 'Arabness'.
-Symbolism is heavily used in crescent through food to show her protagonist's pride of her Arab descents.
- She uses food to show her protagonist's pride of her Arab descents.
- It emerged in the late 1800s.
- Its beginning was when Khalil Gibran founded
the Pen League to write in Arabic along with
- Then, other Arab American writers inspired by
the political, social and historical circumstances
in the Arab world followed in his suit to make
the voices of their people heard.

Birds Of Paradise (2011)
Origin (2007)
Crescent (2003)
Arabian Jazz (1993)
- Novels:
- She has lived in Jordan and the USA and she has taught in many prestigious universities like Portland State University.
- Diana Abu Jaber deftly exemplifies Arab-American writers.

Diana Abu Jaber
Arab-American Literature
To put in a nutshell, in order to analyze Arab- American literature, one has to put into consideration the circumstances that shaped it. Features of Abu Jaber's literary works could be traced, as she personally has been on and off the United States throughout her life.
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