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Chapter 3: Scientific measurement and Metric units

Scientific measurement and the basics about metric/system internationale

Seth Hajian

on 18 October 2011

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Transcript of Chapter 3: Scientific measurement and Metric units

Chapter 3: Scientific Measurement every branch of science uses precise and accurate forms of measurement chemistry uses the metric system (or as the french say: system internationale') The metric system:
is used in every branch of science
has units based on powers of 10
is used to measure all forms of matter The units we'll focus on are:
Gram These units are used to measure:
mass (gram)
volume (liter)
length (meter) Which metric unit would be used to measure....... The amount of space 25.0 grams of a solid gold bar occupies? The distance Michael Phelps swims daily when he trains? The amount of aspirin in one bottle? These three units are called "base units"....they can be used alone or with a metric prefix There are a few metric prefixes:
milli These prefixes refer to a numerical value........ Going in order, they are...? Numerically, they mean:
Kilo = 1000
Hecto = 100
Deka = 10
deci = .1
centi = .01
milli = .001 What we'll focus on now is converting them from one to the other...... Its easy to think that a 2.0 liter bottle of soda has a volume equal to 2000 milli liters. To move from 2.0 liters to 2000 milli liters is called a "metric conversion How about converting this:
How many milligrams are found in .034 grams of gold? If you said 34 milligrams, you are corret! Is there an easy way of doing this? Say hello to the King.....
King Henry, that is.... King Henry Dance Under Denmark's Crescent Moon.
Get it? K H D U d c m So, what do you do with this? Use it to move the decimal back and forth to convert units Lets do a few example on the old fashioned marker board. http://primaxstudio.com/stuff/scale_of_universe/
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