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Happy Endings: lesbian rewrite of snow white

No description

Grace Lee

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Happy Endings: lesbian rewrite of snow white

with a lesbian twist Snow White
3rd person omniscient narrator
Lesbian characters & Heroines: Queen, Snow White (up to your imagination)
Antagonists: Deceased King, Prince Charming Role of Women vs. Men? commonly found in Indian, European and African cultures, especially among royalty
Reason: religious or cultural factors, preservation of wealth, formation of political alliances True Love is
Bound by Gender! Our Rewrite Who? When/Where? Some fairy tale location where homosexuality is severely frowned upon, a taboo even Prevailing morals? Our rewrite vs. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) Social Repression? Important Symbols? message of the homosexual (Lesbian) community Female Characters Male Characters The Queen The King Snow White Prince Charming reversing traditional 'set images' for women in fairy tales
set as the heroine
defying the traditional 'men save women' plot more conventional female role in fairy tales
needs a hero to step in to save her
her story concludes with a happy marriage (with a woman) an obstinate, patriarchal parental figure
reflects traditional norms/stereotypes of men patriarchal figure
antagonist of the story
everything 'feminists' are against Similarities Differences Our Rewrite Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) a feminist and aggressive Queen
Snow White is quite passive-waiting for rescue
Romance as the major theme the Queen: heroine
male characters: blocking figures/ oppressive the Queen: evil
male protagonists as superheroes
contains classical elements of a fairy tale the mirror the apple the seven dwarfs female passivity
marriage as the 'happy ending'
importance of appearance and beauty for women Arranged Marriage Homosexuality romantic and sexual attraction between members of the same gender
generally frowned upon, especially in more conservative or religious societies don't worry, it's still a typical fairy-tale happy ending. ... and we replace them with? Traditional version promotes: active female heroinism
beauty/appearance is NOT a virtue; it's inner beauty that counts
defy the traditional framework of 'perfect couple'; love is not bound by superficial factors
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