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Contrast between Present Simple & Present Continuous

No description

Antonio Pérez Valverde

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Contrast between Present Simple & Present Continuous

Contrast between Present Simple & Present Continuous
I´m playing tennis with Joy this afternoon.
Correct & incorrect sentences
Present simple:
Adverbs frequency and time expressions
-Present simple:
-Adverbs of frequency: always, usually,
-Time expressions: at night, during the
afternoon, once a moth....

-Present continuous
-Adverbs of frequency: now, this year,
at the moment...
We use the present simple for:
He studies every day.
The water boils at 100 º C
Sue believes in the ghost.
Done By:
Antonio Pérez Valverde
Lorena Pérez Ruiz
Marina Comino Martín
Manuel Mérida Muñoz
The boat arrives at 8:00 pm
Lisa Simpson usually plays the saxophone
He does his homework every day
He is doing his homework every day
They play football once a week
They are playing football once a week
They are doing an exam at the moment
They do an exam at the moment
You are driving to my house now
You drive to my house now
We are going to the cinema this night
We go to the cinema this night
She goes to the school every day
She is going to the school every day
Present continuous
We use the present continuous for:
Mario is listening to music right now
Lucy is studying economics at the university
He always behaving badly during lessons

1º Bach C 2014

Online excercises:
-English book

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