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Parent-Teacher Conferences Exercise

No description

Sarah Smith

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of Parent-Teacher Conferences Exercise

Parent-Teacher Conferences Exercise
Partner Work

Role play parent teacher conference scenarios and be prepared to share. One of you will be the teacher, the other the parent.
The hostile parent
Scenario: From the moment, the parent enters the room, the teacher senses hostility. "You wanna tell me why I'm here?" the parent says initially. You have called the parent in to discuss 4 year old Aiden's hitting, but the parent is rolling her eyes at you before you can even explain the situation. How can you effectively communicate?
Parent-initiated conference
Scenario: The parent has initiated the conference over a concern about 3 year old Maggie Mae. Apparently Maggie Mae has been trantruming and the parent is very concerned. Maggie Mae has been an angel in class. Use your knowledge of child development to address and alleviate her concerns.
Addressing a delay
Scenario: You believe Clementine has a speech delay. You don't know much about how the parent will react.
Parent- Initiated Conference Part 2
Scenario: The parent of 4 year old William has initiated a conference because he has concerns that his son does not know all of the letter sounds and he doesn't think you are doing your job though he is polite about it. How can you bridge this divide?
Tips for Effective Parent Teacher Conferences
For teacher-initiated conferences, determine the goal.
Invite parent to conference and communicate topic of conversation.
Provide a variety of times.
Gather documentation with assessments around conference focus.
Be prepared to share positive news.
At the conference:
Welcome the parent warmly. Make sure parents are comfortable. Begin on a positive note.
Ask the parent if he or she has any concerns.
Provide documentation around topic.
Ask the parents about what they are seeing and thinking- seek input.
Listen carefully (if difference emerges, no arguing, and look for common ground).
Share strategies about what you are doing to support the child in the classroom.
Provide concrete ideas for the parent to do at home.
Again, keep seeking the parent input.
Create a plan with the parent as needed. Make notes.
Review plan with parent.
Make concrete plans for follow-up (Do we need another conference? Weekly emails? Make a communication plan).
Leave on a positive note.
Follow plan and communication plan. Reconference as needed!
Most of the time, parent-teacher conferences
go well, but I have prepared a few potentially challenging circumstances to work through with a partner.
Keep an open heart!
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