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The Giver

No description

Rachel Mainero

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of The Giver

& they lived
ever after.

Reading Exceptions
munity has a
lot of
Do you think that's a
good thing or a
bad thing?
"The Giver" style
"How could someone
was so meticulously
Why didn't the game of good guy and bad guys that Jonas's friends play seem harmless to Jonas anymore? Should Jonas have asked them to stop playing it? Why or why not?
Do you agree with Jonas that people have to be protected from wrong choices?
As Jonas continues his training, he often finds himself angry with his groupmates and his family. Why?
The Giver says that without memories, knowledge is meaningless. What does he mean?
Jonas briefly wonders whether he made the wrong choice when he decided to run away. What do you think?
How does Jonas show that he understands the meaning of everything is to care about others?
How do you think The Giver will feel when he realizes Jonas is gone? How will Jonas's friends and family feel?
by Lois Lowry
Bring The Giver to class every day!
Bring your Writer's notebook to class every day!
You will be reading aloud, reading silently, reading with partners, reading at home, etc.
Keep up with your reading.
If YOU are absent, YOU need to catch up.
Record what you see, think, & wonder about the novel based on the title, back summary, cover, and introduction.
What do you imagine it means when someone is released?
What are some clues that Jonas's community is different from the one in which you live?
Let's Think
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch 1
Write three to five complete sentences explaining important plot elements including the main characters, conflicts, setting, etc.
Write down three questions you have as a result of reading the first chapter.
Let's Think
chapter 2
How would you feel not to have your own birthday?
If you were attending the Ceremony of Twelve with Jonas, what Assignment do you think the Elders would select for you?
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch. 2
Author's Craft
Find three examples of how Lowry used italicized words to enhance certain words or ideas
Quote each example
Explain why she did this
How would you feel to be watched all the time, the way Jonas is?
Do you think it says something about Jonas that he sees the apple change?
Let's Think
chapter 3
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch 3
Author's Craft
Write three to five complete sentences explaining important plot elements including the main characters, conflicts, setting, etc.
Notice Lowry's ability to effectively incorporate word choice within her novel. "Quote" three lines in which exciting words are used
Explain your choices.
Let's Think
Let's Think
chapter 5
Why was Jonas embarrassed about telling his dream?
How important is sameness in Jonas's community? How important is it in your community?
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch 5
Character Attributes
We learn some personal information about Jonas in this chapter. Consider Jonas's situation and choose seven adjectives to describe his character.
Stirrings are referenced in the Book of Rules. What is the rule for Stirrings?
What is the treatment?
When does the treatment end?
Let's Think
chapter 6
All members of Jonas's family had to sign a pledge that they would not become attached to the newchild, Gabe. Do you think it's possible to keep such a promise?

What do you think of how families in Jonas's community are formed?
in? The community
ordered, the
so carefully made."
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch 6
Draw a sketch of how you pictured the Auditorium to look during the Ceremony.
You can:
choose one specific scene
sketch the auditorium in general
This chapter's mood is suspenseful at the end because Jonas is worried about his Assignment.
Predict Jonas's Assignment & explain your choice
Predict Asher's Assignment & explain
of the following CLAIMS and write it on your "snow" paper.
1.) Life in Jonas's community is awesome!
2.) Jonas's community has too many rules.
Put your pencil down when finished
Crumble up that piece of paper and turn it into a "snowball."
Rule #1:

Rule #2:

Only throw
AIM for
your target,
snowball at
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Mrs. Mainero
The Giver
Team 1 choose a snowball from a place other than your target. 5...4...3...2...1
Find your seat.
Team 2 choose a snowball from a place other than your target. 5...4...3...2...1-Find your seat.
Team 3 choose a snowball from a place other than your target. 5...4...3...2...1
Find your seat.
Open your snowball and read the claim.
Put a capital "C" next to the Claim.
Flip through chapters 1-6 in "The Giver" and support that claim using EVIDENCE. You must use a citation with your evidence. (Lowry pg#).
Label your EVIDENCE with an "E"
Explain/Justify your evidence with REASONING
Label your Reasoning with an "R"
When finished, write your name and hour on the top of the page and turn it in to the black bin.
Let's Think
Do you think Asher should have been given the discipline wand when he was three, for saying "smack" instead of "snack"?
How would you feel if you were in Jonas's shoes and the Chief Elder skipped right over you when she was making assignments?
chapter 7
Let's Think
chapter 8
Write a headline for this chapter that summarizes and captures a key aspect that you feel is significant and important.
Think about the big ideas and important themes in this chapter
Why does Jonas find the final rule in his instructions, "You may lie," so unsettling?
Let's Think
chapter 9
NB Entry "The Giver" Ch 9
Write about a time when you received new instructions about following a rule you thought was important. How did it make you feel? Was it unsettling?
3-5 complete sentences
Let's Think
chapter 10
What do you think it means to live in a place where no doors are ever locked?
Jonas says, "I thought there was only us. I thought there was only now." Do you think that's a good way to live?
Let's Think
chapter 11
Can you imagine

up such things
as snow and hills
because they are
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch 11
Context Clues
1.) disgrace (p.80)
2.) abruptly (p.81)
3.) poised (p.81)
4.) obstruction (p.82)
5.) businesslike (p.83)
6.) practical (p.84)
7.) obsolete (p.84)
8.) conveyance (p.84)
9.) wincing (p.86)
10.) weary (p.87)
Jot down a synonym or create a brief definition for each term below. (in your own words)
Imagine a world without color. What color would you miss most?
What value, if any, is there to Sameness?
Let's Think
chapter 12
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch 12
Character Relations
1.) Examine Jonas's relationship with Asher before the Ceremony of Twelves. How will their friendship change now that Jonas is the Receiver of Memory?
2.) Analyze Jonas's relationship with Fiona and consider his previous dream. How will Jonas's Selection impact his future with Fiona?
Jonas's Selection as Receiver of Memory differentiates from the types of Assignments his friends have. Consider the secrecy that is connected with Jonas's selection and answer the questions below.
Let's Think
chapter 13
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch 13
Character Analysis
Chapter 13 delves into some major turning points for Jonas in terms of questions and emotions. Reread pages 97-99 and complete the following CERC paragraph

Jonas was left with a strong feeling of frustration at the conclusion of his conversation with The Giver regarding Sameness and colors.

to support the claim ^(citation required!) (Lowry pg#).

to explain your evidence ^

to wrap up your paragraph and tie in the
without using the same words.
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch 14
Character Conflicts
Jonas's father is experiencing two critical and emotional internal conflicts regarding as Nurturer.
Describe conflict one in two sentences
Describe conflict two in two sentences
Explain why "wisdom is the reasoning behind holding all of the memories.
Explain The Giver's response to Jonas's question, "But what wisdom do you get from hunger?" (Lowry 111)
Let's Think
Do you agree that painful memories are made easier when they are shared?
Do you think it's fair that one person in the community, The Receiver, should have to be burdened and pained by memories so that no one else is?
chapter 14
How do you think the story ends?
Let's Think
chapter 23
Let's Think
Why do you think The Giver asks Jonas to forgive him?
chapter 15
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch 15
CSI: Color, Symbol, Image
Think about the big ideas and important themes in what you have read
Choose a
that you think best represents the main idea of this chapter
Create a
that you think best represents the main idea
Sketch an
that you think best captures the essence of the main idea
Let's Think
chapter 16
The Giver gives Jonas many good memories. What are some of your best memories?
Do you think the elderly should be part of the community, or separate, as in Jonas's community?
Do you think Jonas's parents love him? Do you think they know what love is?
Do you agree with Jonas that things could be different? How?
Let's Think
chapter 17
Examination Day
Let's Think
chapter 18
Do you think Rosemary sounds like she was or wasn't brave?
Why did The Giver seem distracted after telling Jonas to stay away from the river?
NB Entry: "The Giver" Ch 18
Character Analysis
Describe Rosemary's character from The Giver's Point of View.
Describe why The Giver felt heart broken about transferring certain memories to Rosemary?
Explain why The Giver felt like a failure.
Chapter 18 ends with, "His thoughts seemed to be elsewhere, and his eyes were very troubled," (Lowry 145).
What are your thoughts on The Giver's current uneasiness?
What do you predict will happen in the upcoming chapters?
Let's Think
chapter 19
Were you surprised at what it was?
How do you think this new knowledge will affect Jonas?
What do you think of what Jonas's community calls "release"?
Let's Think
chapter 20
Jonas knows that if his plan fails, he could be killed. But he believes that if he stays, his life is no longer worth living. Do you agree.
Do you think The Giver should go with Jonas or stay? Why?
Let's Think
chapter 21
Let's Think
chapter 22
NB Entry: Internal Conflict Ch 22
Jonas made a critical decision in Ch. 22 to flee Sameness with Gabe. Explain Jonas's internal conflict regarding this decision in a T-Chart like the one shown below.
Benefits of staying in Sameness
Benefits of fleeing with Gabriel
How are the ideas and information presented to you in Examination Day connected to what you've learned from "The Giver"?
What new ideas did you get that extended or broadened your thinking in new directions?
What challenges or puzzles have come up in your mind from the ideas and information from Examination Day and "The Giver".
Do Now:
How do you feel about taking this test? Why?
How is knowledge viewed in Examination Day?
How is knowledge viewed in "The Giver"?
How is knowledge viewed in our world?
Please use complete sentences.
Please take out a pen/pencil and clear your desk. Today you will be taking a test that will define the rest of your life.

In your Writer's Notebook, respond to this question.
How can one person's choices affect another?
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