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greece :)

No description

Angelena Gatsios

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of greece :)

The official name of Greece is the Hellenic Republic.
Greece is located in southeast Europe, close to both Africa and Asia.
The capital and largest city in Greece is Athens.
The highest mountain in Greece is Mount Olympus, it has over 50 peaks with the highest reaching 2917 meters which is 9570 feet.
99% speak Greek ,English and French.
Based on the most recent estimates, the current population is 11,115,778.
The capital city of greece population of 655,780 people.
The area of Greece is 50,961 square miles .
The national sport is football [soccer].
Around 40% of the Greek population live in Athens.
The currency is Euros.
Famous Greek Heritage Actors

1. Moussaka

2. Tiropites - Phyllo Cheese Triangles

3. Baklava

4. Horta - Boiled Leafy Greens

5. Chicken Soup
6. Tzatziki - Creamy Cucumber-Yogurt Dip

7. Pastitsio

8. Galaktoboureko - Custard Phyllo Pie

9. Fassolatha - Classic White Bean Soup

10. Spanakopita - Spinach Pie

Facts on Greece
Top 10 Famous Greek Food

Jennifer Aniston
Kelly Clarkson
Nia Vardalos
Tina Fey
Zach Galifinakis

George Kapiniaris
An acropolis is an area of high ground. In ancient Greece, many cities were built around an acropolis. It was easier to defend high ground than it was low ground. They could see the enemy coming and take shelter in the buildings built high above the city.
The most famous acropolis in ancient Greece is probably the one in ancient Athens. The acropolis in Athens is so famous that it is usually capitalized, like a proper name, and referred to simply as "The Acropolis." But there was an acropolis in every Greek city-state, sometime more than one.
Here is a model thatmy dad and I made of The Acropolis.

Karolos Papoulias was called President of Greece on 12 March 2005, after having been elected by 279 votes in the country's 300-seat parliament. The 75-year-old won support both from his own party.

He was born in Ioannina in 1929. After legal studies in Athens and Milan, he obtained his PHD at Cologne University and went on to practice law from 1963 to 1981. He was in Germany at the time of the 1967 military coup in Greece. During the next seven years.

President of Greece
Greek Dancing (Kalamatiano)
Tradtional Dance
Gods and Goddess
• Aphrodite - Goddess of love and beauty.
• Apollo - God of the sun, music, healing, and herding.
• Athena - Goddess of wisdom, poetry, art, and the strategic side of war.
• Caerus - The god of luck and opportunity.
• Eos - Goddess of the Dawn.
• Hypnos - God of sleep.

The Acopolis
Who is the president of greece?
Name one female and one male actor the i mentioned?
Name one God or Goddess and what is it known for.
What is the traditional dance called?
Name one top ten dish.
Other Land-Marks and Tourist Atractions
White Tower in Thessaloniki
Mt Athos in Northern Greece
Delphi Theater in Phocis.
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