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AC vs DC

Alternate Current vs. Direct Current Tesla vs. Edison

Anusan Wijayendran

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of AC vs DC

AC vs DC Who Was Involved Nikola Tesla Supported Alternate Current
A Mathematician
Less Known
In My opinion the better of the two Thomas Edison VS Supported Direct Current
Trial and error
Very well known for his inventions such as, the lightbulb, phonograph and motion picture camera
What Are AC and DC
used For Today DC A Short Video Trains
Overhead Power Cables
Battery Chargers
Vehicle starting, lighting and ignition systems AC PRACTICALLY
ELSE Who Won AC WHY There were advantages
To using AC
AC was easier to generate
Stable Clock Rate
Easy to transform
Could travel further without loosing power Casulties Of the "War" There weren't many casulties,
just a few animals, but still an
animal's life is still a life.
It was Edison who caused all
of these casulties, as he wanted
to "prove" the "dangers of AC".
So he went around electrocuting
animals which ranged from dogs
to elephants. He even recorded a video when he was electrocuting Topsy the elephant.
Its a bit unclear but it is from 1903 Hope You Enjoyed It!
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