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Elk vs. Wolves

No description

bob joe

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Elk vs. Wolves

Elk VS. WOLVES BY SAWYER B. AND MITCHELL W. Wolves have been in Idaho since people arrived in the U.S. Wolves usually hunt the sick, weak, and old elk rather than the strong elk. This makes the elk herds stronger. Wolves spread out the elk in Idaho. This keeps the elk from eating down just one place. Wolves have lowered the coyote population in Idaho. WOLVES The average pack is made up of 10 to 15 wolves. The average wolf weighs about 30 to 35 pounds. The wolf is about 30 to 36 inches long ( not including tail ). Wolves are part of the canine family. Wolves howl to communicate with each other. ELK The average elk weighs around 800 to 1100 pounds. Elk are a light tan or almost cream color. A female elk is called a cow.
A male elk is called a bull. Bull elk bugle all day long. A lot of people hunt elk for the thrill and for the meat. Elk often graze in open fields. In Idaho the elk stay up in the high altitudes during the rut. Bull elk fight during the rut.
They fight to show dominance
over the other bulls.
Wolves attacking elk. Wolves take down elk by biting at the elks rump, neck, and stomach. The way the wolves kill the elk would be a bad way to go. The elk is usually alive while the wolves eat it. The wolves chase the elk until they get it or they are to tired to chase them. The elk kick and thrash to try to get
the wolves off them. Plants
http://www.blm.gov/id/st/en/prog/wildlife.html There is a lot of willows and birch trees. There is a flower called the claytonia lanceolata.
It blooms in spring. Sunflowers
grow on sunny hillsides.
They bloom in mid-May Sagebrush Buttercup flowers grow in
meadows. They bloom in early spring. Dwarf Waterleaf flowers
grow in fields. They bloom
in late spring. http://www.idaho-insider.com/wildIdaho.html Grass Widows grow in grassy
fields. They bloom in late spring. http://sondahl.com/flowers.html Weather The average temperature is 49ºF. The high temperature is 53ºF. The low is 45ºF. Ecosystem The soils are rich with nutrients.
A lot of people grow potatoes in Idaho. There is a lot of water. There are a lot of lakes in Idaho. The sources of water are all of the small lakes. The producers are flowers, trees, and other plants
( We already showed them to you ). The consumers are the wolves, elk, mule deer, bear and other animals. The decomposers are
worms, flys, maggets, grubs,
and other tiny bugs. The elk population. The wolf population. None of the animals are endangered or threatened. There are no factors that effect the populations. An interesting fact is that elk sometimes fight with elk. Human Influences People are starting to cut down trees in the Idaho forests. People haven't changed the ecosystem into an unnatural state for the animals. People have slowed the population
of both the elk and wolves, by
hunting them. People could stop cutting down
trees to help the animals. Facts that we have to support our
position are, people cutting down
trees has ruined habitats. http://www.westernwolves.org/index.php/about-wolves http://www.idahonativeplants.org/ These are the websites that we got all of our information from. Where elk and
wolves live, in Idaho. Tha k you for watching Thank You for watching Elk have bugling teeth. That is how they bugle. They are made of ivory. They are hollow.
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