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Figurative Language Assignment- Falling In Reverse

This is a figurative language assignment based on the song "Raised By Wolves" by Falling In Reverse

Stella Kirvelis

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Figurative Language Assignment- Falling In Reverse

Figurative Language Assignment
"Now the moon hangs in full"
"I am trapped inside a Dillinger
Diligently thinking of ways to get out of this god awful place
I have learned that my fate is something I can't escape so..."
"I was raised by wolves"
"I'm insane, I am smart
All it takes is a spark to ignite my bad intentions."
" I am trapped inside a Dillinger. Diligently thinking of ways to get out of this god awful place"
Dillinger and Diligently sound alike.
The moon is given the quality of hanging.
John Dillinger was a very famous bank robber. He had escaped from prison and successfully robbed 2 dozen banks and 4 police stations with his gang. The lead singer of this band, Ronnie Radke, wrote this line because he had gone to jail after a tough life and he turned it all around after that to become the person he is today.
By saying that he was raised by wolves he is showing that he had a tough childhood and that he is and his upbringing was wild, and crass.
It is ironic that he is insane, yet he is smart
Raised by Wolves- Falling In Reverse
*Comparing Dillingers escape from prison to his escape from his fate*
The device:
The line:
The reason I chose this device:
The device:
The line:
The reason I chose this device:
The moon is full and in the sky.
This line means:
The device:
The line:
The reason I chose this device and what it means :
The device:
The line:
What it means/ why I chose this line:
The device:
The line:
Why I chose this device:
What this means:
This line means that he is smart, but crazy and it doesn't take much to make him do something bad.
This line means:
He is trapped and he is quickly trying to find a way out.
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