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Academic Conversations in the classroom:

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Jennifer Stum

on 14 March 2017

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Transcript of Academic Conversations in the classroom:

Stepping up our use of
academic language

Constructive Conversations
Conversation is the meeting of minds with different memories and habits. When minds meet, they don't just exchange facts: they transform them, reshape them, draw different implications from them, engage in new trains of thought. Conversation doesn't just reshuffle the cards; it creates new cards.
In Closing
"Language must be emphasized. Science, math, and history teachers must make extra efforts to learn to be strategic at teaching the many nuances of the language that describe the newly branching way of organizing and thinking about knowledge."
-- Jeff Zwiers
Academic Conversations
in the classroom:

In what ways was this video a metaphor for our ELLs?
What do we need to do to help our "little squirrels"?

ELLs: A Metaphor
Turn and talk:
The video reminded me that...
I could connect to the video because...
One way my students are like the "little squirrel" is...
Oral Language
What are the advantages to Academic Conversations?
Literacy Skills
Engagement and motivation
Inner Dialogue
Critical Thinking Skills
Choice and Ownership of Thinking
Communication Skills
Turn and talk:
How much time does the average student talk in your class about content using academic language?
Are you constructing conversations in your classroom?
Text Protocol
Something surprising
or new to you
Makes you wonder
Read this quote from a 7th grade student::
"I didn't know what I knew until I talked about it."
--Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not?
I agree with this statement because in my experience...
I disagree with this statement because in my experiences...
I find this statement interesting because...
I see your point...
Jigsaw the chapter and discuss the implications of incorporating academic conversations into your classrooms.
Name the possible benefits of a classroom that embraces daily academic conversation.
Discuss the role of the teacher in academic conversations.
Discuss the role of the student in academic conversations.
Opinion Formation Cards
In my opinion, ___________ because __________. Yet I also . . .
Given the points that I have heard so far, such as ________________, I think I lean more to the side of __________________ because ___________________.
The answer depends on _________________.
Mix, Pair, Talk
Should children be allowed to watch TV?
Participants will:
Discuss the importance of incorporating academic conversations into their classrooms.
Reflect on current practice.
Identify strategies they can use to support academic conversations.
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