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VoicePay - The safest way to pay

Presentation on the features and benefits of VoicePay


on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of VoicePay - The safest way to pay

VoicePay, our m-Commerce service, enables customers to safely and quickly authorise financial transactions via a mobile phone using just their unique biometric "Voice Signature"
The use of a biometric "Voice Signature" to authorise a transaction also reduces payment page drop out rates and in turn increases sales by around 14%.
All transactions made using VoicePay are guaranteed against cardholder fraud.
Our Mobile Marketing and QR codes enables your business to take payments via offline marketing material including magazines, TV, exhibitions, brochure ware and billboards.
By simply creating a bespoke 9 digit marketing code or a 2D QR code and placing it on your advertisment, you can enable your costumers to make an instant purchase around the globe with just their mobile phone and their unique Voice Signature.
The safest way to pay
VoicePay Id, our identity verification solution, enables an individual to be identified and for their identity to be positively verified against a series of information checks using just their unique biometric VoicePay "Voice Signature".
How can I verify his identity?
"My phone number is 07827 837691"
To check the identity of an individual, the individual enters their mobile phone number and email address into a website or Mobile App.

VoicePay Id can also be included into merchant software or IVR systems, enabling the merchant to verify the individual's identity remotely.
VoicePay Id initiates a call to the individual and requests that they authenticate themselves using their Voice Signature.

VoicePay Id verifies that the Voice Signature matches the Voice Signature stored on our voice signature repository. If successful will send the merchant confirmation of the verification and if required the information that we hold on the individual.
Mobile Commerce
Mobile and QR codes
Identity Verification
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