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Target Innovation Invitation

No description

Emma Goldschmidt

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Target Innovation Invitation

Innovation Invitation

Summer Intern Project

By: Patrick Dwyer- Media
Emma Goldschmidt- CAP
Alex Nassrelgrgwi- RDI
Sam Rothery- Healthcare
August 5, 2014
Target Brand Values
2 million views
in total with 1.5 million of them happening during the Winter Olympic Games.

on social media

Drove engagement with XXL’s YouTube channel to
1,318 Subscriptions

Print Coverage-
Daily Star UK
2/14/14 “Norwegian lesbian kiss advert slamming anti-gay laws in Russia goes viral”.

FB 46,500 page likes. (Both XXL Twitter and FB accounts use screen shots from the video as a trademark to their brand).

Media Impact
XXL is the fastest growing sporting goods retailer in it's operating regions. The company has 22 megastores in Norway and 13 megastores in Sweden, as well as online stores in both countries (expansion has started into Finland as well). Products categories include sport, skis, bikes, outdoor, weapons, clothing, shoes and health.

XXL opened the first store in 2001. The online store was opened in 2002, and XXL entered into Sweden in 2010. XXL has a strong purchasing and logistics organization, with a central warehouse in Norway and another one under construction in Sweden. XXL has just 1,460 employees for their whole operation.

What makes Target stand out from other competitors selling similar products?
What are unique, creative ways of communicating good news to relevant audiences?
How can Target adapt their own PR campaigns based on other trailblazers in the industry?
Target’s Needs

Prezi as a presentation option- http://prezi.com/hnqz_ljgtuvp/edit/#4_24309637

Because of the twist at the end, we are forced to make a judgment of character based not only on her relationship, but on our assumptions from earlier in the commercial. It is an effective tool to make people think beyond the surface; and thus, create engaged viewers.

Best Practices
Given that XXL primarily operates in Nordic markets and the Olympic winter games are a huge event for that region, XXL was looking for a way to promote their new Finnish stores, and their expanding Swedish market in February, 2014.

The Scenario
My First Apartment
Campaign focused on upperclassmen or graduates who are moving into their very first apartment
Bed Bath and Beyond's
Apartment Checklist
Key Departments
We Recommend:
College students or post-grads moving into their first apartment will be shopping for several key items that they didn't need while living in their dorm
Creating a "My First Apartment" section of Target.com
Students and parents can order the items they need and have the option of shipping it to their new apartment, or have it available for in-store pickup
Create online checklists of commonly needed items and categories will be clearly stated
Creating sponsored "Target Showcase" rooms in popular apartment complexes for touring purposes
Room will be fully furnished and decorated with Target items
Each item will have a display tag and QR code for instant shopping
For this tactic, we will initially locate universities with large Target stores near campuses
Target Showcase Rooms
A huge sporting goods store was able to include more than 11 sports, including their largest departments in one, unified message. This technique successfully unites all of XXL's diverse products under one brand.
XXL was able to make light of a polarizing issue; Other companies have done less and received harsh backlash. (Ex. Chick-fil-a and Dan Cathy)

XXL's desired audience is much smaller than Target's; Target needs a more universal message to cater to a diverse population.
Potential Commercial
Possible marketing points:
Design for all-
You can furnish your first apartment at an affordable price without compromising on the style of more expensive brands.
Great Guest Service-
Target staff can help you through every step of the way. From choosing the right products for your specific needs to Move-in day when you might need an extra hand.
Community giving-
Offer discounts to students or recent grads who have spent two consecutive semesters on the Dean's list as a branch of Target's education CSR initiative.

Thank You.
World's largest beverage company
Ranked the #6 Most Admired Company by Fortune in 2014
Awarded the 2013 Clio “Inaugural Brand Icon” Award
Coca-Cola's 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign was the largest marketing campaign in the history of the company

Addressing Society’s Interests
In the US,
of Americans believe that companies need to place at least equal weight on society's interests as those of their business.
Establishing Character
3 out of 4
people said they were more likely to spend money with companies who demonstrate they have character.
Power of Millennials
of Millennials support businesses that are helping on social issues , and
will recommend a company based on their involvement with society.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Coca-Cola introduced 16 innovative caps intended to transform used bottles into fun and useful objects to encourage consumers to reuse and re-purpose plastic
Piloted in Vietnam in March 2014
Expected to gift 40,000 bottle caps throughout the country with Coke purchases
Plans to launch in Thailand and Indonesia
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing, China

2nd Lives Campaign
Media Impact
Why Will it Work
Leverage Target Diversity Workforce
Participate in Orientation Week Events
Work closely with international office during student welcome orientation events
Expand Target Shopping Trip program to international students
Advertise inside
International Student Welcome Guide
that is sent out by different universities.
Hire part-time employees who speak foreign languages as campus ambassador during back to school season
Develop store map in different language, and provide online and offline version
International Student Survey
Only a small number of international students have heard about Target, and if so, Target is not their first choice.
Total international student/scholars:
2490 students on 2 trips
= 4,980 shopping trips
$836.83 avg. per student * 1.5 =

$1,255.25 per student
4,980 *1,255.25=

$6,101,745 in potential sales
Other Markets
College students that just moved out of their dorm
Graduate Students
Most students have considerable discretionary income
Moderate-to-better income families
$836.83 is 2013 department of education's statistic on average spent for a returning college student
Distributed 1.5 million free reusable bags
Offered savings on select sustainable products
Partnership with Recyclebank

Delivering “happiness”
Establishing a mindfulness of sustainability efforts
Individual and global implications
Translation into other markets
Approaching packaging considerations in a creative way that is true to their brand

Best Practices
“Target is a retail company, but we think like
. We consider the big picture, looking at how parts add up to the whole and endlessly exploring opportunities to innovate and improve.
We apply a designer’s eye to corporate responsibility by looking at our entire value chain--the connection of people and processes involved in every part of our business.
From our sourcing to our reusable shopping bags,
we’re mindful of every impact
. We think that’s the best way to be sure we’re living our values and leaving the world a little better than we found it.”

Unite and spotlight brands’ sustainability efforts
Increase marketing and incentives for sustainable products
Establish an annual “Green Week”
Institute packaging sustainability initiatives

Implications for Target
Coca-Cola brought mindfulness to packaging sustainability efforts
Target's implementation of sustainable practices
Green Week
Sustainable packaging initiatives
Target can be the big retailer that takes a stance on packaging waste and changes customers' packaging consumption behaviors

Coca-Cola’s solution to reduce plastic waste is to create thousands of pounds of new plastic waste
How can Target establish themselves as a company that is making noteworthy strides towards sustainability efforts?
How Target's sustainability efforts shape the packaging consumption behaviors of consumers?

Inspiration from Whole Foods
Bulk (bin) Advantages
Money saver
Fresh products
Quantity management
Potential Products
Bulk Purchasing
A week dedicated to boosting consumer awareness and participation in sustainability practices
“Price is Right” Sustainability Game Show hosted by Jessica Alba
Up & Up Upcycle Showcase featuring a prominent artist that will create an in-store sculpture out of recyclable products
Instagram #Up&Upcycle Challenge among elementary schools

to save

“Shop to save .”

Target “Green Week”
Packaging Sustainability Initiatives
Potential Brands
Seventh Generation
Home Cleaning
Hand and Body
Shampoos and Conditioners
Stylish sustainable totes designed for transferring refilled bottles

Refill Stations
The 2014 Final Four attracted a record attendance of 158,682 fans
Reese’s College All-Star Game and Final Four team practices
Free and open to the public
Tip-Off Tailgate
Concerts, pep rallies, coach and player appearances and interactive basketball activities
March Madness Music Festival
Free and open to the public
Artists included Bruce Springsteen, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw and Fun

Final Four Weekend
In between semifinal and championship games, NCAA Corporate Champions and Partners provided several events and activities for fans and their families

NCAA Corporate Sponsorship
NCAA Core Purpose
The NCAA’s purpose is to govern competition in a fair, safe, equitable and sportsmanlike manner, and to integrate intercollegiate athletics into higher education so that the educational experience of the student-athlete is paramount.
NCAA Corporate Champions and Partners
Companies provide a direct, positive impact on the academic and developmental opportunities of over 400,000 NCAA student-athletes each year

NCAA & Education
Cause related Pop-Up shop
Celebrate and advance Target’s education efforts
2015 Goal to reach $1 billion cumulative support of education, with a focus on reading

Implications for Target
PR Power of the Pop-Up
Creates memorable, surprising experience
Brings positive attention to brand
Customers become part of the brand
Limited time span and range of merchandise generates feeling of urgency and exclusivity

Best Features of Pop-Up Shop

Adidas celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Stan Smith line by reinforcing the internationally known brand
Created unannounced Pop-Up shop in the shape of a shoe box in London
"Pop up meisters of fast retail"
Getting new products into fans' hands first
Only select individuals given invitations to opening dates and venues through social networking sites

Stan Smith
Pop-Up Shop Campaign
Largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest in the world
#61 on World's Most Valuable Brands
#92 on Forbes Most Innovative Companies List

Stan Smith Tennis Shoe
Introduced in 1964
50th anniversary in 2014
Top selling brand in Adidas history
More than 40 million pairs sold worldwide

Use Pop-Up as central idea then wrap communication channels around it
Create new undifferentiated product
Engage customers and generate online buzz
Provide customers with a memorable experience
For fans and influencers rather than mainstream customers

Best Practices
Implications for Target
We Recommend
Unique Features
Target Pop-up Library
We Recommend
Final Thoughts
Target Background
Case Studies
Coca-Cola 2nd Lives- Sustainability
Adidas Pop-Up Shop- Surprise
XXL All Sports United- Disruption

Customers use 3D printing to customize their own Stan Smith pair of shoes
Preview of ‘Stan Yourself,’ app allowing users to replace Adidas Stan Smith logo with their own portrait and signature

The Return of Stan Smith
188,486 views and constantly increasing

International Student Data
photo by Institution of International Education

Major Countries of Origin
Source: SEVIS
The Buying Power of International Student
>70% of all international students' primary funding comes from sources outside of the United States.
> 63% of all international students receive the majority of their funds from personal and family sources.
XXL- Norwegian Sports retailer wanting to leverage the Winter Olympics to achieve more brand awareness.
Disruption & Innovation- By drawing viewers in with fast, busy symbols and filming techniques and then twisting their expectations, they have fostered an engaged audience. The inclusion of so many sport departments united under one brand is a best practice for Target to take away.
My first Apartment- An all department inclusive campaign to furnish college student's and recent grad's first time apartments.
A child who can’t read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade is 4x more likely to drop out of high school
"Bullseye Bookshop"
Target will donate books to Pop-Up library
Partner with education based organizations
Children can come into the Pop-Up and “swap” a book in good condition for a personalized book provided by Target
Leftover books will be donated to schools and libraries in the local community

Potential Partners
Station to create personalized books
Childrens' names are inserted directly into the story
Limited edition merchandise creates the feeling of exclusivity and rarity
Experience only available at the Pop-Up
Personalized Books
"Bullseye Bookswap" Pop-Up Library
Personalized children's books
Corporate partnership between NCAA and Target
Target pop-up library set during the NCAA Final Four Weekend
Adidas created a fun, innovative way for customers to interact with the brand
Cause-related Pop-Up shop will advance Target's education efforts while increasing brand media exposure
Target can capitalize on the Final Four's large crowds and media presence, along with the NCAA's shared support for furthering education
Adidas Pop-Up shop location
Lacked media attention
Profit and brand-driven, not cause-driven
Bullseye Promotions
Appearances by current and former basketball players, coaches and personalities
Raffle and competition for most books donated
Top 5 in donations get two free tickets to the NCAA championship game
Other prizes include signed memorabilia, NCAA gear, etc.
Posted: May 15, 2014
Views: 4 million
Shares: 13,000
Subscriptions Driven: 2,600

NCAA & Education
Ticket to Reading Rewards
Reading incentive program that encourages middle school students to read books outside the classroom and obtain rewards for reading
Middle School Madness
NCAA effort to enhance middle school curriculum and educational opportunities through basketball, health and wellness
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