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what types of fizzy drink explodes more with mentos

experiment with fizzy drinks and mentos

Anthea Bordier

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of what types of fizzy drink explodes more with mentos

OBSERVATIONS coke, diet coke,
coke zero, coke light,
dr pepper, pepsi, sprite, 7up, 100 plus, orangena and mentos (fruit and mint) I predict that
dr pepper will work more becacuse for me it is the fizzyest.
amount of mentos
and amount of coke
CHANGE VARIABLE types of mentos and
coke MEASURED VARIABLE you mesuere
you mesure the
amount of the
liquide and how
many mentos you put in. METHOD mesure the fizzy drink
then shake the drink.
then quickly open the bottel
and put ... anount of mentos
in and see what happens. then mesure the amount and take that away from the first sum.
so thenm you have how many ml got out of the bottel AIM to find out
what fizzy
drinks expliode
with mentos. RESULTS drink mentos flavor works or not start(ml,L) end(ml,L) what types of fizzy drinks
make coke explode?? for the coke light the
mentos desolved in the
drink about 1h30mins later.
also the orangina the
mentos kind of shrunk. My hypothisis is totaly
wrong actualy the on
that exploded the most
is the orangina. I think
that next time I should
maybe on further and
find out why they have
a wax glase that makes
the fizzy drink explode. THANKS FOR WATCHING AND HOPE
MY KNOLADGE conclution sprite mint works 500ml 21ml
7 up fruit works 600ml 500ml
coke mint ok not great 1.5L 302ml
diet coke mint works 1.5L 324ml
coke zero fruit works 1.5L 325ml
orangina mint works 1.5L 170ml
change variable mesured variable method pictures I mesured the amount of fizzy drinks left in the bottle. Also
the amount of mentos I put in every single bottle the types of fizzy drinks. you first put the bottle near a drain do if it overflowes it will go strait in the drain. Then you open the bottole and put the mentos in. next you see what happens. + = BY:ANTHEA
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