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Reading Portfolio!

No description

Jenny Sterk

on 20 August 2018

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Transcript of Reading Portfolio!

Reading Portfolio!
The reading portfolio is a report of three books
Reading is an important part of your English education. Can you think of reasons why?
Which books should I read....
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Expanding Vocabulary
Final Exam
Further Education (universities)
Increase general knowledge
It can be fun if you choose the right books for you
For your 2 free choices you are allowed to read anything you want
as long as it is approved by your teacher

You can either buy the book or I will (try to) email it to you digitally. If both are not possible you will need to choose a book from the library
Finished a book?
If a book is finished you will immediately start writing the reading portfolio.

We will finish the book together & then you will write the first report. The reports for the other books you will do at your own pace

Questions ?
Homework =
Decide which other 2 books you want to read. Next reading lesson I want to hear your choices.
Design a planning for the amount of time you think you need for each book. Bring next lesson
In the end I will receive
1 document
with three book reports.
with the following title:


You will receive the template from me by e-mail / SOM
Book one will be chosen by the teacher and dealt with in class
Book two and three are individual choices and need to be read in your free time
You will answer the same set of questions for each book in your portfolio
As class we will read .......
Some Rules
Handing in your document after 28-02-2019 23:59 results in a 1 !!
Other reasons for a 1 include
Writing your report in Dutch
Reading the books in Dutch
Not handing in all 3 books
Not putting your report in SOM
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