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Gaius Fabricius

No description

James Franklin

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Gaius Fabricius

Gaius Fabricius

By James Franklin Origins and Back story Gaius Fabricius was originally from a small town called Alterium, which was in Latium, modern day Italy. He lived during the Third Century B.C. which during Rome's time as the Roman Republic. Gaius later moved to Rome when he became old and influential enough. Gaius' clan name is Fabricius and he is now considered to be the most important and famous of all the Fabricius. The Story of Gaius Gaius became the Consul of Rome in 293 B.C. and left in 287, and during this time a great war between the Romans and the Samnites and Phyyrines occurred. During the war, Gaius showed great strength and loalty for his nation. The King of Epirus, Pyrrhus, came to Rome and offered bribes during peace talks, but Gaius did not even think of accepting the bribes so Pyrrhus offered an elephant, but once again Gaius did not even think of accepting it. Also, later in the war, Gaius' court doctor offered to kill Pyyhrus secretly with poison, but Gaius declined claiming he wanted to kill his opponents fair and square rather than with trickery, and he even tells Pyyhrus of this event in a letter. Another event that made Gaius a hero to the Romans was when he swore to his court philosopher that Rome's success was based off of its hard working, hard working, and sober citizens. Roman Values From Gaius Fabricius' story, modern day people can tell that the Romans valued loyalty to the state over loyalty to yourself. You can tell this from Gaius' story of him refusing bribes. Also we can tell that the Romans valued had work through Gaius claiming that Rome was successful through hard work. The Romans also valued honesty and fairness. Form this story we also know they even value honesty to their enemies. Lastly, Romans valued warriors because they are who defended their country. So in short the Romans value a love of their country, which Gaius Fabricius truly did. Works Cited http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/199814/Gaius-Fabricius-Luscinus




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