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Field Hockey -London Olympic

PDHPE Assessment Task

Ayane Speirs

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Field Hockey -London Olympic

Field Hockey Field Hockey is a team sport in which team of players attempts to score goals by hitting, pushing and flicking the ball into an opposing teams goal using stick.
It is a sport played internationally by both men and women including the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth games etc. Field Hockey Sticks
Each players carry a "stick" that normally measures between 80-95cm long. (shorter or longer sticks are available)
Sticks were traditionally made of wood, but are now often made of fibreglass. Equipments for Hockey Field Hockey Ball
The ball is hard and made of plastic (sometimes over a cork core) and is often covered with indentations to reduce hydroplaning that can cause an inconsistent ball speed on wet surfaces. General Player Equipment
Mouth guards
Shin Guards
astro gloves (padded glove)
short corner masks Goal Keeper Equipment
Leg guards
Additional protective equipment(chest guards, padded shorts, heavily padded hand protector, neck guards etc.) The game is played by two teams up to sixteen player and out of that 11 people are permitted on the pitch. Rules History Men’s Hockey made its debut at the London 1908 Games. The first women’s Olympic Hockey competition was held at the Moscow 1980 Games.
In 200BC there was hockey-like game played by horn and ball-like object. In East Asia similar game were entertained using carved wooden stick and ball prior,
The modern game grew from English public schools in the early 19th century. They changed the calls to a sphere form a rubber cube. The player are to play the ball with the flat "face side" with the edge of the head and handle of the hockey stick. The game time is divided into two equal halves of 35 minutes each, with 15 minutes for half-time. Dominant Country, Athletes & Records Key Skills India is most successful hockey team in Olympic history with 8 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.
Modern-day hockey has been the playground of Germany , Australia and the Netherlands .
The most dominated athlete are Maartje Paumen from Netherlands. She is ranked world number one. Paumen inspired her team to glory at Beijing 2008 with an olympic record of 11 goals in the tournament. Aspects of movement skills Object manipulation and control
Control the balls using the stick Body Control and awareness
run fast and change the running patterns
Anticipation and timing
moving to receive a pass at right time
know the distance where you gonna pass the ball or score
to be able to handle the balls 3 ways
push pass
shooting Hitting the ball with sticks -discrete
running -continuous
trying to get the ball -discrete
Hockey is said to be one of the sports that uses almost every single muscle throughout the match. Fitness Test The most appropriate test for testing hockey team is beep test.
Aerobic fitness is a very important component of fitness in hockey. If the ball hit the curve surface you would get penalty
If it hit the feet and any part of body you would get penalty The ball should be on the ground When its long corner and short corner you have to get out of semicircle
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