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5 Reasons Why

No description

Melissa Kane

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of 5 Reasons Why

5 Reasons Why
(Secondary Libraries benefit our students)

AMS Activities
Battle of the Books
AHS Activities
Readable Board
You are my 'school' now
Personalized Learning
Invite Students in during homeroom / enrichment
Book Club

Maker Space Areas

Take pride in your 'students', you are 'smarter' then those who have none
District Technology Team

MS Tech Integration Group
MS Reading Group
STEM Night

HS Building Leadership Team
HS RtI Group
HS Standards Based Grading Team
Not all who 'collaborate' are lost
Collaboration can be done between
classroom teachers and librarian for
curriculum, technology, and reading
Projects this year
Freshman Library Orientation
Psychology Research / Posters
Senior Seminar Reading
Earth Science Research
Easy Bib Set Up
Odyssey Breakout
British Lit Research
Video Resumes
Landscaping Succulent Planters
Relationships Breakout
AEA Online Resources Goose Chase
Culture Grams
CRAAP Breakout
Copyright Breakout
Copyright / Easy Bib Set Up
Setting research - Historical Fiction
Student Tech Integration Team
Work with the tech coach
to help teachers integrate
Never underestimate a pretty little 'reading promotion'
May the odds ever be in your favor 'to read'
The truth about 'libraries' is that it is 'the place for reading achievement' right now
Over 21 state studies confirm that school librarians
and school libraries support students in academic achievement, lifelong learning, 21st century skills, and reading. -Graduate class project Mansfield University 2011

Schools with librarians have 35 percent more
fourth graders who score proficient or above than schools
without librarians. Michigan study 2003

Student test scores were higher the more time librarians
worked cooperatively with classroom teachers, the more
they taught information literacy independently, and the
more they provided in-service training to teachers. -Pennsylvania study 2000

Teachers were three times more likely to rate their literacy
teaching as excellent when they collaborated with
librarians. -Idaho study 2009

The Iowa study Make the Connection in 2002 showed students had higher reading scores as the hours a library
was open and staffed with a certified librarian increased.

This study also showed with more certified librarian hours meant more time was available for incentive programs and helped with reading scores
More information on all the school library studies can be found at http://www.lrs.org/data-tools/school-libraries/impact-studies/
45 percent of students in grades three through ten increased their CSAP test scores over the course of a year, compared with just 29 percent of students who did not have a school librarian at their school. -Colorado study 2010
Higher test scores were correlated with higher staffing levels, larger and more current collections, greater amounts of technology resources, longer hours of operation, and more time spent on instructionally-related student and teacher activities. -Wisconsin study 2005
There was improvement in student achievement after the passing of a referendum that allowed a steady source of income for school library media programs. Before the referendum, the students’ scores placed them in the middle statewide; after the referendum, they were among the top performers. -Delaware 2005
Schools with library media centers and services display a 10.6 percent positive relationship to student achievement measured using the WAMI. -Missouri study 2004
Reading promotion
programs create a
better reading community

AMS Activities
I 'mustache' what you are reading
Recommended Reading Activities
Character Dress Up
Book Fairs
AHS Activities
Love 2 Read
Book Fairs - Advisory contests
Book Bash
Some future ideas

Teachers as Readers
READ Posters
Web 2.0 Book Discussions

Studies are split on effectiveness of incentives for reading
but done right programs can improve reading motivation
Some Future Ideas
Banned Books Week Awareness and Contests
Scavenger Hunt for Info Literacy Month
Trivia Contests
Reading Shut In
Bring a Book to Life Competition
IHSBA Breakout

"When the right 'library program' appears, the key is to not let it pass."

Curating digital resources and tools
Empowering students as creators
Building instruction partnerships
Designing collaborative spaces
The Future
Ready Librarians Framework acknowledges that librarians play a powerful role in:
Stansbury, Meris. “Are Librarians the Key to a Future Ready School?” ESchool News, ESchool Media , 15 Dec. 2016, www.eschoolnews.com/2016/12/16/librarians-key-future-ready-school/. Accessed 16 Apr. 2017.s
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