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Book Report based on the Little Red Riding Hood

This is an example of what you can do with this interactive program

Irina Badescu

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Book Report based on the Little Red Riding Hood

BOOK REPORT The LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD The book "Little Red Riding Hood" is a traditional fairytale that teaches us about greed and its consequences. The book introduces its main character, the Little Red Riding Hood on her trip to her sick grandmother's house located in the middle of the forest. The problem begins when Riding Hood veers off the main path, runs into the wolf and without realizing the dangers, she tells him about her vulnerable grandmother. The wolf, hungry for some meat, gets to the grandmother's house first and eats her. In the end, the wolf meets his fate when he gets shot by a hunter. SUMMARY The main character is Red Riding Hood. We learn that she is a very brave young girl from the fact that she travels all by herslef through the dangerous forest. With youth, comes recklessness and we see this when she tells the dangerous wolf about her grandmother. Red Riding Hood is also caring and this is evident in her love for her ill grandmother.

The Wolf, on the other hand is greedy and a trickster. Not only does he eat the grandmother, but he also tries to eat Red Riding Hood towards the end of the story. CHARACTERS The story introduces the main character, Red Riding Hood, getting ready to go to her grandmother's house with some food prepared by her mother. Riding Hood travels through the forest and veers off the main path to pick flowers. The problems begin when she meets the wolf. The climax shows the wolf eating the grandmother and greeting Red Riding Hood. The resolution of the story comes when the greedy wolf is killed by the hunter. PLOT This is a great story for little kids, but also for all ages. It is good to read because it teaches about greed and its consequences. I would highly recommend this book to everyone, young and old. recommendations
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