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Englewood Middle School Dropout Prevention

No description

Colleen Crowder

on 15 May 2012

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Transcript of Englewood Middle School Dropout Prevention

Universal - Everyone 100%
Social Emotional
Individual Goal Setting
College Exploration
Academic Skills
Progress Monitoring
Small Group Mentoring Targeted - 5-15% Intensive - 5% Building a college-going culture -
College and Career Fair, College Week
ICAP Implementation through LA classes
Explore Test for 8th Grade
8th Grade Transition
Advisory Success Program
Proactive Approach to Attendance
Destination 2015
Intensive Math Instruction - Algebra prep
AVID Elective
Soaring Skyhawks of the Month After school small group tutoring
"Why Try" Curriculum - SIED Support
Student Support Center -
(District re-engagement program)
Individual Interventions Realizing Individual Success Everyday *Check-in/Check-out system
based on "The Behavior Education Program" Goal: to improve student attendance,
behavior, and academic performance How it works: *Students check in and out before and after school to receive their goal sheet, record daily points, and have a positive interaction Teacher's Role: *Pre and post surveys on each student
*Daily evaluation, interaction, and feedback for each student
*Incorporating R.I.S.E. into school culture Parent's Role: *Go over "RISE Report" each day with student
*Discuss accomplishments for the day, and ways to improve tomorrow
*Help student understand/complete homework if necessary
*Sign report, record accomplishments at home 7th/8th Grade 2010/2011 Results
35 Students have consistently participated in R.I.S.E.
15 students had inconsistent participation

Improved grades in at least one class: 35/35 6/15
Improved grades in at least two classes: 27/35 0/15
Improved grades in three or more classes: 20/35 0/15

*"Improved" = at least one letter grade Increased organization skills: 85%
Used planner more: 54%
Turned in more homework: 85%
Felt EMS support increased: 38%
Talked to parents more about school: 62%
Felt R.I.S.E. was helpful: 100% Consistent Participation Inconsistent Participation Englewood Middle School Dropout Prevention R.I.S.E. *Participating Students will be evaluated in each class (Positively!) on preparedness, working with others,
behavior, and participation *Based on the students' individual goals, they will have chances to win prizes each week Survey Results Among students with consistent participation,
54 failing grades were brought up to C's or better Cody Blackburn
Assistant Principal
cody_blackburn@englewood.k12.co.us Colleen Crowder
At Risk/Dropout Prevention Counselor
colleen_crowder@englewood.k12.co.us *Students selected based on grades, behavavior (referrals), and attendance data
along with teacher recommendations
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