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From Ideas to Business: Innovation Process

No description

jibrane dahha

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of From Ideas to Business: Innovation Process

Incubation 3
Product ready for commercialisation
From Ideas to Products: AON Innovation Process

Yammer Project Page
A Yammer Page is created for the project, with restricted access.

The employees selected to have access to this page can then proceed to work on the project from different BUs and/or geographical locations

-The Innovation Officer drafts a project plan involving the interested Business units
- In case of radical innovation, approval of the Innovation Committee required
- Identifies the resources to be allocated to the project
- Appoints the I-Project Team
- Identifies the Executive Sponsor as Project Mentor
- Decides about a deadline

The solution is developed and ready to be tested
Test - feedback - corrective measures
Idea Origination
Employee on his own or following a BU Innovation Session
Carrier or Client's input
Group’s Competition
1) Ex: A question; "how to differentiate our proposition on Cyber
Liability risks" - is posted on Yammer by the Innovation Officer.

2) An email with a link is sent to all employees informing them that the Yammer Competition Subject has been posted and that the competition will start in 24 hours.

3) For 90 hours all the employees can log into Yammer and add their thoughts on the subject

4) The session will be moderated by the Innovation Officer
5) At the end of the Competition, the innovation officer sums up what has been said and draw clear conclusions
The ideas are then submitted to the Innovation Officer for pre-approval through SharePoint
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