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Teaching Reasoning Through Writing

No description

Stephanie Newhall

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Reasoning Through Writing

Teaching Reasoning
Through Writing CLASSROOM CONTEXT SMART GOAL TWO STUDENTS' RESPONSES RESULTS Overall, my goal was not achieved. 7/40 (18%) did not achieve a Level 3 or above. However, I would still consider my instructional practices as a success. 82% of my students were proficient and above, and most students grew by one level. By Stephanie Newhall I teach 2 Social Studies periods with a total of 51 students
U.S. History: 1865 to Present
10% receive special education services
10% speak English as a second language
20% receive free or reduced lunch "All students have the potential for individual greatness. Our vision is to recognize and support this diversity in a positive educational environment rich with mutual respect with a deep foundation in character and literacy based instruction." School Mission During this school semester, 100% of my students will make measurable progress in developing empathy through writing. By the end of the school year, each student will increase his/her ability to develop empathy by one level on the rating rubric. Student scoring at a”4” will maintain their score. Furthermore, 100% of students will score at “proficient” (Performance Level 3) or above on an Empathetic Letter Writing rubric. Assignment: "Perspectives from the Past: An Inside Look at Americans Living During Controversial Times." Letter Assignments TALIN
12-Years Old
12-Years Old
Student Athlete 1st Letter Assignment 4 students scored at Level 1
9 students scored at Level 2
19 students scored at Level 3
8 students scored at Level 4 Only 67.5% of the students scored at "proficient" or above STRATEGY: Primary Source
Documents I gave students the opportunity to look at and analyze real letters written by Japanese-Americans living in internment camps. Real Internment Brochure 2nd Letter Assignment "I think I did a good job. I tried putting more facts and details in my story." Only 6/40 performed at Level 2 or below
17% of students moved into the "Proficient" category Progress is being made... STRATEGY: Stations 5 Different Aspects of Vietnam War I decided students would benefit from additional information on the Vietnam War. This included photographs, letters, magazines, books, maps, music, and more 3rd Letter Assignment 1 student at Level 1
6 students at Level 2
13 students at Level 3
20 students at Level 4 83% of the students are proficient or above "I think I did a good job. I tried putting as much detail as I could." "I think my letter is very neat and emotional." Some things I would do differently... 1. Letter-Writing Workshop
2. Self-Corrections
3. Organizing Charts
4. More Time In-Between Talin Erika Talin Erika Talin Erika
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