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Next Credential March 2014

About Next Advertising

Next Advertising

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Next Credential March 2014

All agencies pretend
they are "

Few of them
Even fewer are both
The fewest are the
agencies producing
work that is
loved by the public
We are
one of them.
Why work with
For efficiency
For impact to the public
The only Romanian agency founded by ex-clients
The founders and shareholders NEXT have senior management background (McDonalds, P&G, Connex)
With marketing and business competences much higher than usual level
Where the principle at work is “How I’d do it if it were my own business”
Aiming for creative and result-driven advertising
Local agency, not affiliated internationally
we depend on our clients success
clients are won through pitches, not through the network
clients stay with us because we have results, not because of the global contracts
we're extremely motivated to be efficient
Effie Awards
Gold Effie - FHM

Grand Effie - Unirea
Gold Effie - FHM
Gold Effie - Unirea
Gold Effie – Fulga

Silver Effie - Unirea
Bronze Effie - Murfatlar
Bronze Effie – Fulga

Gold Effie - Salonta
Silver Effie - Zaraza
Silver Effie - Banca Transilvania
Bronze Effie - Banca Transilvania

Gold Effie - Matache
Silver Effie - Banca Transilvania
Silver Effie - Babanu

Silver Effie – Banca Transilvania
Bronze Effie - Murfatlar

Bronze Effie – Banca Transilvania
We must be doing something right.
Yearly awards at Golden Drum, the most important festival in the region
Yearly awards at the local competition, ADOR
Each year, awards from other international festivals
Seldom voted by the public for originality
Commercials with more than 1 million viewers online
Hundreds of positive comments
Always among the first as voted by the public (BestAds Festival)
Massive viralisation
Our ads won't go unnoticed
The Next Team
Client Service
Admin & logistics
General Manager
Client Service
the largest local advertising agency (turnover)
independent and entrepreneurial
client focused, strategically led and efficiency driven

18 Effie awards in 8 years, 1 Grand Effie included

2011 turnover: 11.2 mil. Euro
2012 turnover: 7.6 mil. Euro
2013 turnover: 7 mil. Euro
Some info
(including ex)
Banca Transilvania
Already Guaranteed Loan
Banca Transilvania
Loyalty Program
Launch campaign
Controversial campaign.
After only 5 months, QFort was in the Top 10 brands as awareness, next to well-known brands (Unlock Research).
Second year campaign
The first campaign in Romania to use the hidden camera technique.
The Money Channel
Campaign "Busineesh"
A new word has born.
Western Union
2006 image campaign
First Western Union image campaign produced locally.
The first commercial in the world to re-invent the split-screen Western Union format, making the two sides interact with each other.
Campaign for milk
+ promotion
Yoghurt relaunch campaign
Image campaign
Dufa Deutek
Vitali has a small...
Salvati Delta
Campaign for selective waste collection
Spot TV
Product commercial
Awarded campaigns:

"Afacereza" for The Money Channel - Ad'Or (two awards), Golden Drum, Webstock

Campaign for IQads - Red Apple Moscow, Ad'Or, Golden Drum, Epica, Eurobest

Salvati Delta (various campaigns) - Ad'Or (three awards), Webstock, BestAds

QFort, Greenpeace, Vel Pitar (various) - New York Festivals (shortlist), Ad'Or, Golden Drum, Mobius Awards, Internetics

3rd place in 2011 in the top of Romanian banks (in terms of total assets) vs. 8th place in 2005 (before the “Fairy Man” campaign)

top 3 banks in terms of TOM and image favorability vs. top 10 in 2005

the campaign has won an Effie award each year since its launch (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)
Launch Zuzu:
in less than one year after the launch, Zuzu succeeded to increase Albalact’s total turnover with 54%

Zuzu today:
#1 selling brand of milk in Romania (30% market share)
#2 best selling brand in the sour cream category
#3 in white yoghurts category
Online game
in less than 6 months after the launch, Fulga gained 23% market share

in 2011 is #2 in the UHT milk category, after La Dorna

two Effie awards (2005, 2006)

has become the biggest Romanian producer of dairy products and is #2 key player in Romania after Danone

has a total turnover of 62.5 mil. Euro at the end of 2010 vs. 16.5 mil. Euro in 2005
Creative department led by Liviu David
, Managing Partner and former Creative Director for Connex in D’Arcy (1997-2003). 18 years experience in advertising. Co-author of the first 3 Romanian campaigns (all for Connex) awarded internationally (Golden Drum, 1998). Awarded and shortlisted (both in D’Arcy and Next) at Golden Drum, Ad’Or, Cresta Awards, New York Festivals, Eurobest, Epica. Multimedia Certificate from Computer Graphics College Sydney Australia. One year interactive designer at Ogilvy Sydney, where he worked for Telstra, Quantas, American Express. Member of the Advertising Federation of Australia.

Client Service Department led by Wanda Podgurschi
, former Account Director for Connex, at D’Arcy (2000-2003). 13 years experience inn Client Service: 3 years with D’Arcy Romania, as dedicated Account Manager and Account Director for Connex and 10 years with Next, as Client Service Director on Agency’s major clients.

Media Department led by Cristi Grigorescu
, Managing Partner and former Media Director with Connex (1997-2001). 18 years experience in Media, both on “client” and “agency” side.

The Agency is led by Sorin Popescu,
Managing Director and Partner and former Associate Director of Advertising with Connex (1997-2002). 18 years experience in advertising: 1 year in P&G Balkans, 5 years in Connex and 11 years in Next. Has worked on more than 300 TV commercials and countless campaigns. Helds an MBA in Marketing and an IDM Certificate in Direct Marketing.

Strategy & New Business
are two departments in one, coordinated by Ileana Sebe. Ileana has 16 years experience in communication, both in local (Odyssey Commuincation) and multinational agencies (D’Arcy), working through-the-line projects.
Agency leadership
We are a team of experienced people, involved daily, body and soul, in our clients’ businesses and projects. We are passionate about our job, and we are good at it. The team you’ll see in the pitch presentation is the team that will work on your account. We don’t bring in our presentations people from London that you will never see again after the presentation…

We believe in our people as being our strongest assets. And we have some of the best creative and strategic people in this market in our team. We rely on them, not on network toolkits and models

We are entrepreneurs, we deliver to our clients creative solutions based on the principle “how I’d do it if it were my own business”, which in 11 years of activity brought us the reputation of one of the most effective agencies in the market, both for our clients and for ourselves (as our fees are our earnings) .

We have launched and strengthen brands that produce value for their shareholders (Banca Transilvania, Murfatlar/Unirea/Zaraza - Murfatlar, Fulga/Zuzu - Albalact, Carbocit/Bioflu/Devaricid – Biofarm, QFort, etc)

We know how to do advertising that works. 18 Effie awards prove it. And we can prove it on your account as well.
Agency Philosophy - The Way We Work
Terra Mileniul III
Global warming awareness campaign
Coca-Cola Hellenic
The Water Bank
Coca-Cola Hellenic
The Green Track
Manifest for moving the bicycle tracks off the pedestrian area and onto the road.
Application on Facebook that allows people to "donate" water.
Biz Days
Promotional campaign
BIZ Days = marketing event organised by BIZ magazine
Sun Plaza
OOH campaign
Various clients
Print ads
Royal visit to the vineyards
Awards ceremony
Project Management (production & implementation)
For the Theatre Festival held in Sibiu in 2006, as sponsor of the event, Murfatlar staged the play Rubayatele, with Maia Morgenstern leading the cast. In addition, a pantomime representation was organised on the streets of Sibiu.
The slogan of this event was "Wine, the most loyal of audiences" and was included in the "Murfatlar via culture" programme, initiated by Murfatlar Romania.

Actors in the street
Instant prizes
Sponsorship of the Sibiu Festival
PR results:
The play was very popular during the festival and was attended by large audiences
23 appearances were obtained in economic publications, in general interest magazines, newspapers, magazines for women and cultural guides, with a value of € 28.150 - card rates
The articles were read by over 900,000 people and viewed by over 150,000 Internet users. This campaign, devised by Next Advertising, was the recipient of the Silver prize in the PR Award
VO translation:
It's up to you. You can save any one of them with just two Euros.
Or you can save many more, for free.

Supers translation:
Our waste causes the climate changes.
It's time for us to change.

VO: Whenever you need it, the protein-rich Zuzu yoghurt nourishes you with vitality.
She: What are we doing tonight?
He: I'm going out with the boys.
She: On my birthday, you're going out with the boys?
He: ...So we can buy you a present! Happy birthday, my darling!

VO: Zuzu wakes you up in the morning!
Current Account
DIVERS Personal Loan
CASA MEA Real Estate Loan
Sun Plaza
World's largest chocolate coin
Theatre play
Theatre play: “Adventures in pirates school”
original script of the play written by Next
4 representations at “Ion Creanga” Theatre
followed by a national tour in Iasi, Constanta, Timisoara, Cluj
back in Bucharest, the characters offer gifts to children within an event dedicated to children on Saint Nicholas Day
Period: 6 months
Coverage: 5 cities / 10.200 locations
Kinder - Children in Distress
Charity event
For Easter, Kinder organized an event and donated the fund raised to Children in Distress NPO.

50 giant plastic eggs in 50 kindergardens for children to paint them
the painted eggs were exhibited for 1 week in the lobby of Ion Creanga and Tandarica Theatres
a charity event and auction was organized and all eggs were sold
In-store promo for three of the main KA (Carrefour, Cora & Auchan):
Mechanics: buy 2 products Kinder Joy and you have a chance for an instant prize
Development: 25 locations, three weeks activation
POSM: special product island, ship-shaped, special stand with sails, pirates-like dressed promoters, dedicated print materials (wobbler, liner, divider etc.)
Prizes: pirate bandana, boat window sticker’s, notebook sticker’s

15 major cities in Romania
25 IKA locations
36.848 total contacts
25.205 SKU’s (Kinder Joy and Chocolate) sold during the activation
12.350 prizes awarded
New Kinder Joy Collection Launch

3 exhibitions on tour around the world
40 interactive machines (inventions)
23 real-size paintings
3-dimensional models made from wood, metal and fabric
Leonardo time room
Leonardo movie theater
Leonardo computer simulations
Leonardo app
Over 3 million visitors

All DaVinci paintings, including a 1:1 replica of ‘The Last Supper’
Sun Plaza
Da Vinci exhibition
Max Streicher, a Canadian sculptor and installation designer is been working with the technology of inflatables since 1989 creating cinetic sculptures and tridimensional pieces of art.

He exhibited his works in art galleries all over the world, in Barcelona, Madrid, Cambridge, Paris, Praga, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Mumbai, Tokyo, New York etc.
Sun Plaza
Max Streicher Exhibition
Launch the first anti-hangover drink in Romania under an ‘ironic’ social campaign urging everyone to stand united against morning’s ‘black dogs’

An extensive sampling program took place at the sea-side and downtown Bucharest together with a strong digital campaign ran on social media

The Anti-Hangover Brigade
"Good for Payment" Card
Bank for Housing
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