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Making the Perfect Shot in Basketball

No description

Adonis Cody

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Making the Perfect Shot in Basketball

1. a basketball
2. a basketball goal
3. 4 shooters
4. a chart
The Purpose of my project is to, determine the best way to make the perfect shot in basketball almost every single time in different positions.

In my project, I hypothesize that more basketball shots will be accomplished on the (wing position) which is the shoulders of the court in basketball, because from the looks of it, it seem to be easier and from experience, people have made more successful shots than on (points guard) which is the middle, and from the center.
I had four shooters in my project who had volunteer to be in, including myself to determine whether what position is better when shooting the basketball.
During the experiment, each shooter, had to start from shooting guard, to point guard, to small forward, to center. I charted every shooters scores on the chart on each shooting position.

During my experiment in my project, I notice on my chart that, some or a few people made more points in the Center Position than in the Shooting guard Position because I guess, since everybody is different, It doesn't matter where they shoot, as long as there comfortable where ever a shoot.
Making the Perfect Shot
My hypothesis was incorrect. Apparently more attended to shoot from the Center Position better than the Shooting Guard Position. Not everybody can shoot the same, but where ever they're comfortable at, that will help any shooter, shoot a basketball.
This project is (Ujamaa) which is co-operative ecomnomics. The reason why is because, I had people volunteer and associated with my project and also it was a benefit of testing each persons shooting position.
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