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Wiki use in education: emerging trends and research

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Jessica Patmore

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Wiki use in education: emerging trends and research

What's a wiki? A wiki is a website in which participants can edit every page, users create a collaborative document in which they can all add, remove or change the information. (Robinson, 2006) Why would I use a wiki? Wiki’s are used for: *collaboration, *sharing *information
*projects Did your know?
has over 13 million articles with 78% in languages other than English. Who is using them? Current Trends
-global collaboration
-alternative learning
-project based learning Wikis can connect students learning languages with native speakers, provide access to resources and provide authentic communication channels. Connectivism: Students learn by connecting and sharing experiences with a learning community Wikis expose students to a more diverse body of experiences and provide a safe place to share ideas . They also encourage students to see that they possess valuable knowledge Project based learning
Teachers want students to take responsibility for their own learning and inquiry based skills are integral to future learning. Students develop their own questions and lines of research. They can express their findings and progress on a wiki. Students can use jings to explain skills to others or teachers can assist students to add blogs, movies etc. to The projects can create continuous learning when students use each other's wikis to learn or research Make a Connection Help students who may struggle to interact in a "normal" classroom setting to communicate more freely Increase Equity by providing access to all students and opportunities for one-to-one or group assistance Assessment
How can we assess student collaboration and input?
Is formatting impacting on the quality of student contributions and responses?
The pressure of work being "public" How can we (as educators) increase the quality of wiki use in the classroom? [image:jdlasica] Who is using them ?
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