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Shifting Your Paradigm | Library Innovation on a 1:1 Campus

Three Strategies to Define the Role of Your Library on a 1:1 Campus

Ruth Aptaker

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Shifting Your Paradigm | Library Innovation on a 1:1 Campus

Shifting Your Paradigm |
Library Innovation on a 1:1 Campus

Adapting to a 1:1 Adoption
The Basics
Re-evaluating Your Staffing
Evolving Your Resources
Print vs. Electronic & Teaching Them When and How to Use Each
Looking Forward
Yeah, but where do I start?
Changing Your Space
Learning Centered vs. Collection Centered
What does this look like?
Creating a Learning Commons
Slaying the Library Dragon
Yes, they can talk
No, they can't eat
No, they can't do somersaults on the furniture
Britannica / ImageQuest
Weeding for the quality
Collecting for the curriculum
Adjusting for CCSS
Providing for the burnout
Library Assistants vs. EdTech Support Specialists
The Role of an EdTech Support Specialist
Manning the Tech Hub
First line of defense
Apple Care / GSX
Students forget to charge iPad
iPad won’t turn on
Wifi turned off
Safari missing
Apps not downloading or crashing
iPad needs to update
Cracked screens
Trouble with sound
Trouble submitting assignments
Headphone jack doesn’t work
Charging dock doesn’t work
Display issues
Lost iPads
We Give Them Too Much Credit
Digital and Information Literacy
Drafting emails
Search Skills
Finding Sources
Evaluating Websites
Space Design
Staffing Job Descriptions
BYOD vs. School Owned
School Owned
Three Strategies to Define the Role of the Library on a 1:1 Campus
1. Change Your Space
2. Re-Evaluate Your Staff
3. Evolve Your Resources
Have a Voice With Your Administration
What mindset is the Administration in?
What are their views of the Library?
What is your and the Library's current role?
What do you think you can accomplish?
The Role of a Librarian and Library Assistant
Manage the collection (digital and print)
Teach / Promote information literacy and digital literacy
Advocate for the library and its resources to students, staff, and parents
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