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ARA2150: Introduction to the Course

No description

Richard McNeil-Willson

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of ARA2150: Introduction to the Course

ARA2150: Muslims in Britain ~ Introduction to the Course
Introduction to the Course
Module Aims

Study Muslim presence in Britain today within British, European and wider Islamic contexts
Promote informed debate about its significance and future
Provide an understanding of the history of Muslim communities in Britain today and how Muslims define themselves
Examination of the debate around integration, integration strategies, assimilation and multiculturalism

Summative Assessments:

1 x 2,000 word essay (due 11th November 2014); 1 x exam paper
Formative Assessments:
1 x presentation; 1 x leading class discussion
Introduction to the Course
Course Overview

DISCUSSION: How do we conceptualise Muslims in Britain and what language is used?

ACTIVITY: Examination of language from different sources

DISCUSSION: What is the impact of the language used and how do we build this into our future analysis?
DISCUSSION ONE: Language and Analysis
ACTIVITY: Language and British Muslims
In groups, examine the sources you have been given

Discuss how British Muslims are conceptualised within the sources. Looking at the language used and identify key discourse* used

Consider how these terms impact on its audience and how this can impact on our wider understanding

Choosing one terms or idea, write and lead an interactive presentation or class discussion on how it impacts on our understanding of British Muslims - this should be roughly 5-10 minutes in length

* Note: Discourse is not just bound to language but includes pictures, representations, actions, etc.
DISCUSSION: Language and British Muslims
Have you discovered anything as a result of this process?

How do the discourse of others shape our understanding? What are the implications of this in terms of the following:
1. the media
2. the government
3. academia
4. class discussion and analysis

How can we incorporate this understanding into future analyses and discussion?

Is this a value-neutral or value-laden term, or both?

Where are you most likely to see this term and who would be most likely to use it? Why is this the case?

Why can it be described as problematic?

Timetable and Lecture Titles

1. What is the British Muslim Community(ies)? (29/9)
2. Assimilation, Integration and Acculturation: Debates over Multiculturalism and social cohesion (6/10)
3. The Salman Rushdie Affair and its consequences (13/10)
4. 'Of Burkhas and Minarets’: Muslim communities in Europe (20/10)
5. Terrorism and Islam: Definition, Islamic teaching on the use of military force, and suicide bombing (27/10)
6. 9/11, Madrid bombings and 7/7: Home-grown terrorism, Muslim community responses and the PREVENT agenda (3/11)
7. The international dimension: Links to the situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Palestine (10/11)
8. Islamophobia: Origins and social factors in their genesis, examples of practice and the portrayal of Muslims in the media (17/11)
9. Integration vs. Ghettoisation (24/11)
10. Muslim Community Engagement: Prospects for the future of Muslims in Britain (8/12)
Reading lists are available on ELE under the course outline
Introduction to the Course
British Muslims
In groups, consider the following terms through the lens of these questions:
Islamic Values
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