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Noor Ramadan

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of ADOBE SYSTEMS INC.

Current Performance
Adobe Systems had an exponential growth until 2012.

An average growth in sales of 485 million dollars per year.

The growth in Net Income went up from 2009 to 2011.

In 2012, the net income was the same with -0.07% growths.

In 2013, the sales amount went down by 348 million dollars, from $4,403M to $4,055M, and the net income went down by $542M.

Loss of 65.25% of their net income.

Strategic Posture
Mission: move the web forward and give web designers and developers the best tools and services in the world.

constant improvement of their software systems by making them easier to use and more powerful
to prevent the piracy of their intellectual property and avoid third party copyright infringements.
Since most enthusiasts cannot afford thousands of dollars for software, Adobe started implementing a monthly subscription system.
Software systems can be affordable for a large number of people.
The second important strategy is to not only assist the designer and audio/video producers but to attack the web market with competitive, easy to use software in order to increase their market span and sustain competitive advantage.

Board of Directors
Dr. Charles M. Geschke : Co-founder, chairman and retired president of Adobe Systems Incorporated

Dr. John E. Warnock : Co-founder, chairman and retired chief executive officer of Adobe Systems Incorporated

Shantanu Narayen : Currently serves as a president and chief executive officer of Adobe Systems Incorporated

Amy Banse : Managing director and head of funds for Comcast Ventures and senior vice president of Comcast Corporation

Tall organization structure, what should they do?
Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American multinational computer software company headquartered in San Jose, California, United States.

Adobe was founded in February 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke.

Adobe also has major development operations in Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Minnesota, Utah, Washington, California; Canada, Germany, India, Romania, Switzerland and China.

Involves top management
Ideas expressed to an Idea-Mentor and Innovation Officer;

Explains them to the Chief Technology Officer.

Internal software systems were put in place for real time monitoring of the ideas generated from all the Adobe branches.

Enhanced the global decision making process and increased the monitoring of the decisions made.
Constant monitoring of the ideas ensures that the decisions are made ethically and in a socially responsible manner
Social Responsibility
Responding adequately to any ethical challenges
Created a position of Chief privacy Officer to ensure that employee privacy is protected and ethical issues solved righteously.
93 % of employees claim to be proud to work for Adobe

Environmental Sustainability
Main focus is on waste reduction, energy conservation and green building:

Environmentally friendly renewable energy sources that produce on-site power at their facilities.

Adopted green building leadership in energy and environmental design.

Digital download options and delivering their products and services through electronic channel means.
Recognized by Ethisphere as the most ethical company in computer software industry throughout 2010-2014 years.

Legal-Political Environment
Legal-political environment also affects the company because it is expected that the company obeys the law.
One of the major legal issues is the security of the products they sell.
Hackers use the software from the company to access private information from devices that can be used in theft cases.
It is also alleged that the products from the company have malware that increases insecurity in their use.
The company needs to realize that huge fines can be imposed against it for ignoring security.
Additionally, the copyright laws govern the software making industry and the company need to ensure that copyright rights are respected

Technological Environment
The most important environment that the company should cope up with is the technological environment.

Innovations are made on a daily basis.

The company should be quick to identify the needs of the customers and meet them.

The ability to cope up with technology gives the company an opportunity.

External Forces
There are many external forces affecting the environment that Adobe operates.
Economic environment.
Legal environment.
Social environment.
Competitive environment.
Political environment.
Demographic environment:
Global environment.
Physical environment
TASK Environment
Threat of new entrants: (LOW)
High capital requirements.
Advance technologies required. (to compete with adobe CS)
High learning curve.
Entry barriers are high.
Acquires potential competitors that serves as a complementary asset to the company. (DocuSign , Macromedia)

Threat of substitutes
Business Model: The company has historically focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software products, with a more-recent foray towards rich Internet application software development.
Substitute is of lower quality (GIMP, Foxit reader instead of adobe reader kompozer, windows X65)
limited number of substitutes
Substitute product differentiation (ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD)

Power of supplier
Adobe holds a monopolistic approach since it’s the major software channel distributor to many firms.

Power of buyers (high)
Customer loyalty
Well-informed consumers
Attractive prices of similar products may lead consumers to switch.
Apple refuses to offer Adobe Flash security updates.
Adobe content has not been allowed on Apple’s handheld devices or iPads.
Software used to create Adobe Flash content is an important component of software sales.

Rivalry among competitors (high)
Adobe has to fight to stay on top as an innovator.
Highly competitive as there is a shift from PCs to mobile device.
High number of competitors.

Corporate Structure
The organization structure allows decisions to be made at various levels, meaning that a decentralized system is in place.
There are many managers in charge of various functions in the company.
The fact that the structure is tall with many employees with delegated powers make decision-making process complex
The communication channel is long and the demands of the employees at a lower level may not be heard.
The current corporate structure is not very good for the company

Changing technology that can cost the company dearly.
Software piracy issues with patents and copy right infringement

Use most recent technology to develop software that is suitable for the devices such as mobile phones, iPads and laptops.

Bad reputation in the market.
Also has to ensure that its costs are lowered so that its products are sold at reasonable prices.

Good management.
Good indicator that it will continue doing well.
first mover advantage


Adobe corporate resources
Market digital substance.
Strategic management skills:
Marketing financial strategies, research and development, human resource management, information technology, operations and logistics.

Adobe’s internal environment

Innovations for clients.
Relationship strategies.
Competency destroying and competency enhancing.

Research and development

International Markets.
Market Mix. (4 p’s)
Developing performance.


Adobe's Work Environment.
Reinforced development of opportunities and abilities.
Adobe’s collaboration with institutions and unions.

Human Resource Management

Adobe’s vision.
Adobe’s success.
Adobe being special in it’s customers eyes.

Information technology

Thank you very much
any questions?
presented by:
Noor Ramadan
Noor Kehail
Essam Al khatib
Ali al khatib
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