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Rainforest Deforestation

No description

Jadin Isola

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Rainforest Deforestation

Deforestation kills indigenous tribes. According to reporting on the rainforest "Only 500 years ago, about 10 million Amazonian Indians lived in the rainforest . Today, less than 200,000 remain. This has me to believe that indians are dying due to lack of food and homes.
Reason 3
Deforestation Destroys Indigenous Tribes
Although ripping apart the rainforest can provide medicine, lumber, and food destruction of the rainforest could have huge consequences.
Reason 2:
Deforestation Kills Insects
Alternatively, others may claim that destroying the rainforest can provide lumber that we use for furniture. However, I know that trees provide air that we breathe but when we destroy the rainforest those trees die and we lose air.
Counter Claim
I am against deforestation because it causes trees do die. According to the article of wealth in the rainforest trees are put into plantations, develop diseases and die. From this I understand that trees are put into plantations everyday due to the diseases they develop.
Reason 1:
Deforestation kills trees
Rainforest Deforestation
I am against deforestation because it also kills insects. According to Raintree.com facts at least 137 insects are killed everyday. This has me to believe that deforestation may be the cause to a lost of insects.
My analysis of this issue has convinced me that although destroying the rainforest can provide medicine, and lumber, it could have major consequences.
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