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Crabbe Summary

No description

Eric Maxin

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Crabbe Summary

Crabbe Summary
Crabbe Chapter 12
pt 1/2
In chapter 12 we got to know more about Mary and her past but meanwhile explaining that she has ran away just like Crabbe did two days ago.
Crabbe Chapter 12
pt 2/2
While redressing Crabbe's wounds, Mary asks Crabbe to grab some more bandages from her bag. While not bothering to explain bag to look in, Crabbe reaches into the wrong bag sending Mary running accross the field scraming "get away from that bag!". Mary explains to Crabbe that that bag contains Mary's personal items and that he was never to look in there. Crabbe promises himself that he wont cross this woman.
Where Crabbe launched his Canoe
Mary looking over Crabbe after waterfall
Crabbe 61 years later
Chapter 15
Crabbe Chapter 11 pt 1/2
In chapter in Crabbe wakes up to see a girl standing over him. She explains that he has some broken ribs and a cut arm, and that he is lucky to have survived his "tumble over the water fall.
Crabbe after launching the canoe into the river.
Crabbe Chapter 14
pt 1/3
In chapter 14 Crabbe is upset with having to be parted from his addiction to "Silent Sam" . A type of Vodka that you can't notice if the person has been driking it becuase you cant smell it in their breath.
Crabbe starts to make this addiction clear to Mary, so Mary brings Crabbe her fathers pipe and that seems to pacify his addiction quite well assuming that she has lots of tobacco for the pipe.
Crabbe Chapter 14
pt 2/3
After a few months they started to run out of food and winter was coming so they had to find food for when all the animals hibernate, so they go to a nearby hunting lodge to steal food. They soon learn that the hunting lodge is home to 4 very drunk hunters and that they have a large German Shepherd with them who is soon able to tell that the hunters have some unwanted company. The hunter who owns the dog follows his companion outside with a .44 Magnum (a large, heavy, and loud handgun) in one of his hands.
Crabbe Chapter 13
pt 1/2
In chapter 13 Mary has already taught Crabbe how to check the fishing lines and how to set them back up after removing them from the hooks, and now she took him into the bush to show him how to set up the rabbit snares after removing the recently caught rabbit.
Crabbe Chapter 11 pt 2/2
She introduces herself, explaining that her name is Mary and as it turns out she is around Crabbe's age and that she has a lot more outdoor survival skills than Crabbe, and will probably be his teacher while making sure he doesn't do anything stupid.
Crabbe Chapter 13
pt 2/2
After showing Crabbe how to use the snares, she decides to challenge Crabbe's navigation skills by asking him to lead her back to the camp site while handing him a compass and map. At first Crabbe thinks she is joking but then realizes that she isn't. Crabbe manages to find out most of the way but then gets lost and when he turns to ask Mary a question, she is gone. But little did Crabbe know that Mary was back at the campsite which was located on the other side of the bush he was sleeping by.
Crabbe is able to avoid being spotted but the large dog leads 3 of the hunters to where Mary is in the food shack. Mary is caught and brought into the hunting lodge which Crabbe sets on fire and therefore distracting the only two hunters (and the one dog) who are consious. Crabbe finds Mary in a bedroom tied to a bed post, teary eyed, shirt up, and breasts exposed. Mary is traumatized and loses some of her survival skills in the shocking situation
Chapter 14 pt 3/3
Mary and Crabbe escape the hunting lodge and head back to the campsite. Halfway back to the campsite Mary needs to rest so they stop. Crabbe sits the traumatized Mary on a rock and tells her she is going to gather firewood. Mary tells him that she is going to go and look for some kindling to start the fire. When Crabbe comes back Mary is gone and the fire is dying. After waiting an hour Crabbe started calling her name and finally got the urge to look over the rocky ledge that they had just climbed up. There was Mary, twisted and crumpled from the fall.
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