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Carlos Chocero Bayo

on 27 April 2011

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Vancouver the greenest city in the world a presentation by: Lidia Alfocea, Jessica Esteban a presentation by: Lidia Alfocea Solé Jèssica Esteban Iglesias Maria de la Mata Magriñà Carlos Chocero Bayo & INDEX SITUATION PUBLIC ZONES ALL THEY HAVE DONE FOR BE A GREEN CITY CURIOSITIES Situation Vancouver is the city more populated with the province and the third greatest one of Canada. Vancouver is considered like one of the three cities with better quality of life in the world. The Olympic Games of winter of 2010 were carried out in Vancouver and the near locality of Whistler. Public Zones It can be his stellar location between the Pacific Ocean and the opening Fraser river, his snow-covered mountain range or the fact that inhabitants love outdoors life, but Vancouver is the city greenest of Canada. In February 2009 the mayor (Gregor Robertson) anounnced the plan '' The greenest City ''. They have a crew of some experts to make the city more ecologic. Some experts have worked for free because Vancouver hasn’t got enought money to make the change. The report '' Cloud of Change '' recommended to plant big trees in the parks and public sites of the city to compensate the bad emissions. With young trees and green ceilings, the cover of the city is actually green, and mayor Robertson now turned his attention for the grounds of Canada. The communitarian orchards, the little street gardens and the flowery roundhouses make two thousands seven hundred fifty (2.750) communitarian gardens in Vancouver. They have done a lot of things to be the greenest city in the world. The best thing was that they had less cars in the city for reduce petrol. As well as it is a city full of entretainment, specially in summer. All they have done for be a green city CONSTRUCTIONS Before was industrialist = ecovillage Now local residents can live in the part of the Olimpic Winter Games 2010 February = Olimpic Games = thousands units for public and private houses High levels of quality = best calification of LEED providing standards for the echo-viable construction. Waste and black waters = envoironmental heating and hot water for the neighbourhood. Central plant = Provide heat to several external buildings. That = replace 70% of energy demand and produce 50% less than gas discharges (greenhouse effect). EMPIRE FIELD They have constructed a stage from the recycling of tires, is a stage for the equipment of rugby BC Lions and soccer Vancouver Whitecaps, with the capacity for 25,000 fans. Construction: They were reused more than 22 thousand tires. Tires were used because the rubber improves the drainage and provides certain level of damping to prevent injuries in the sportsmen, the field does not need water or no polluting agent. The organization Liberty Tire Recycling, was the one in charge to reunite the necessary rubber, recycle more than 110 million tires to the year. CURIOSITIES ACTORS Ryan Reynolds is an actor who born in Vancouver the 23th of October 1976. He participated in X-Men , Sabrina the Teenage Witch … FILMS The film NEW MOON was rolled in Vancouver (some parts). The scenes of the high school were rolled in David Thompson high school.
The film of ‘ El equipo A ‘ was rolled in Vancouver too. DANIEL THOMPSON HIGHSCHOOL SERIES The 5th season of Smallville was rolled in Vancouver. As well as the 5th season of Smallville the ‘ Batllestar Galáctica ‘ serie was rolled to there. This serie is a new one. The third chapter of Batllestar Galáctica have a scene in the library of Vancouver but in the serie is a mysterious building of Caprica planet. VIDEOCLIPS Michael Bublé have done a videoclip of his song ‘ Haven’t met you yet ‘ in Vancouver. The men who does the video of ' Contigo no Bicho ' have done a videoclip in Vancouver with Rafa Pons. OTHERS Mike Fraser is a canadian record producer, engineer and mixer and is best known for his work with AC/DC , Metallica, Aerosmith and Joe Satriani. Actually he has worked with Franz Ferdinand (GreenDay). and... our presentation have to finish now, sorry. Vancouver Library
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