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History of Computers: Timeline

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on 13 August 2012

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Transcript of History of Computers: Timeline

History Of Computers 1944 The Harvard Mark-1 is finished
it was a relay based calculator. The Colossuss is working.
It is used to break the Lorenz Ciphers 1945 The first computer actual 'bug' was found by Grace Hopper. it was a moth stuck in between relays. Konrad Zuse began work on the first algorithm programming language called Plankalkul 1946 ENIAC was finally completed after starting in 1943 EDSAC the first practical-stored computer program is made by Maurice Wilkins at Cambridge University. 1949 the manchester mark became the first prototype for Ferranti's Corps first computer. 1950
the first commercialy produced computer (ERA 1101) was completed. 1951 the universal automatic computer is released. 1952 the first graphical game is created. (tic-tac-toe) 1953 IBM release their first computer the IBM 701
19 are produced and sold 1954 The fisrt mass produced computer was IBMs 650 magnetic drum calculator which sold 450 in just one year. 1955 the first transistor computer is introduced by Bell Labs the TX-O was the first computer to have transistors and be general-purpose as well as programmable. 1956 microsoft released their new program windows 3.0
the new version of windows 1990 the first internet explorer is released 1998 apple introduces their first iMac 1995 2000 Microsoft releases microsoft windows 2000,DirectX 8, Windows C# 2007 the iphone is revealed to the public Bibliography http://www.computerhope.com/history http://www.computerhistory.org/timeline/ 2010 Introduction of the ipad to Australia iphone 4 comes out 1939 hewlett packard is founded their first product made was the HP 2000a Audio oscillator 1940 The complex number calculator is completed by the Bell Telephone Labratories 1941 Z3 computer is completed by Konrad Zuse The first Bombe computer is completed The Atanasoff-Berry Computer is completed. It was built at Iowa State College 1942 a brief comuter history timeline 2001 wikipedia is founded macafee releases the first handheld virus protection machine dell computersbecome the largest pc maker apple introduces the ipod
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