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Growth Mindset

No description

Rachael Greer

on 10 April 2017

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Transcript of Growth Mindset

How a fixed mindset can hold you back...
Which one do you have?
Fixed Mindset
Fixed Mindset
Growth Mindset
People with this mindset...
The Story of the Tortoise and the Hare
Thought Traps
How words can help...
Strengths and Weaknesses
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset
Ignore useful/negative feedback
Believe intelligence is static
Like to look 'smart' and so avoid challenges and give up easily
See effort as fruitless or worthless
Feel threatened by the success of others
People with this mindset...
View negative feedback as a chance to grow/learn
Believe intelligence can be developed
Embrace Challenges
Persist in the face of setbacks
Find lessons and inspiration in the success of others
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