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The impact of Scots emigrants on the growth and development of the Empire

Higher Migration and Empire prezi

Andrew Parker

on 19 December 2017

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Transcript of The impact of Scots emigrants on the growth and development of the Empire

quick notes on Scots and the British Empire
The impact of Scots on the Empire
Economy and Enterprise
David Livingstone
"By the end of the nineteenth century around three quarters of the population of Britain lived in England, compared with a tenth in Scotland and a tenth in Ireland. But in the Empire the English accounted for barely half of the colonists. Scots constituted around 23% of the British born population in New Zealand, 21% in Canada and 15% in Australia."
Historian Niall Ferguson
Scots contributed in many ways, across the globe, in many countries...
Some examples of Scots abroad
John A. MacDonald was the
first Prime Minister of Canada,
and dominated Canadian politics
for many years.
A pioneering Doctor and explorer
who attempted to end
the slave trade in Africa
Can you find more diverse
Skills and education.
It is estimated that in some areas of the Empire, as much as 90% of Doctors were Scots, or Scots educated.
Scottish schooling was still superior to that in England or elsewhere
This is a historical change brought on by the Scots reformation many years earlier
Scottish Universities had close links to industry, therefore, e.g. if engineers were needed, more engineers would be trained. A Scot, Richard Henry Brunton, was a famous engineer in Japan.
Scots in the army.
For some Scots , a good way to escape poverty and a drab existence at home, was to join the army or navy, policing Britain's vast Empire.
Scots born Peter Fraser was a later Prime Minister of New Zealand
James Skinner was a Scot who was also the son of a Rajput Princess. He founded the most famous cavalry regiment in India, "Skinner's Horse".
A Historian's view
"the East India Company was at the very least half Scottish."
- Niall Ferguson
in the army
why such a high proportion of Scots?
clip on Scots in Australia and New Zealand
Push and pull reasons, of course...
Where do we
need to consider?
New Zealand
Japan, Hong Kong, the USA and Africa are
not in the guidelines, though many Scots went
there also.
Typical roles?
soldiers. entrepreneurs and
Why was India the "Jewel in the Crown"
of the British Empire?
Typical roles in Australia?
sheep farmers, administrators, entrepreneurs, traders

Typical roles in Canada?
fishing, farming, politics and the army.

analyse the effect or impact
of what Scots did
don't just write aimless nonsense
This clip shows you why Scots were leaving the land, not only for life abroad, but for the cities.
Jeremy Paxman talks about Empire, below...
Here's an alternative view of the British Empire, from Al- Jazeera
Here's a clip on the Brits in India, and missionaries.
look at this for revision
On the origins of the British Empire...
These clips are exam question guides from Mr Marr,
another History teacher. Though marks have changed
they are still useful to understand the basic techniques you will need.
This is a study skills lesson from 2015-
beware, there have been changes
in future years. There is no "how far" question
any more.
making a home
(this one is most
useful for us)
doing good?
making a fortune
on the Treaty of Waitangi, which Scots
were involved in implementing
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