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The Great Depression and The Modern Recession

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Julia Edelmann

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of The Great Depression and The Modern Recession

The Great Depression
The Modern Recession By Julia Edelmann 1933-1939 How it All Started the stock market crash of 1929 The Presidents President Herbert Hoover
President Franklin D. Roosevelt Important Bills during the Great Depression Social Security Act (1935)
Works Project Administration
(employed 8.5 million people)
Civil Works Administration
(employed 4 million people)

*unemployment President FDR took action to help all those affected by
the Great Depression, while President Hoover did little
to help the economic status of the United States during this time period. Locations: The Great Depression not only affected America, but also in Europe, mostly caused by the World War. A Closer look: What effected the people Bank Runs: nervous consumers rushed to
banks and withdrew their deposits in cash causing banks
to liquidate, or asked to be paid back immediately, loans, leading to failure of the bank The Dust Bowl: usually farmers are unaffected
by the economic troubles of
the country, due to the fact that they can feed themselves, but the Dust Bowl caused a drought and farmers were unable to grow crops At it's highest point during the Depression,
the unemployment was 25%, and the
current unemployment rate is 7.6% LESSONS LEARNED: when consumers get scared,
they stop spending money This is a problem because consumers no longer spend
money at businesses that
provide jobs. LESSONS LEARNED Inflation and unemployment were major effects of the economy during the Depression LESSONS LEARNED Government sponsored work infrastructure projects can help bring the country of a depression our recession formally began in
December 2007
government spending
US debt Causes two-thirds of our debt is owed to the
only 8 percent is owed to China US Debt Government Spending Since the Obama administration began in 2008, the U.S. government has
spent 11 million dollars for every 7 million it has brought in. To break that down, the gov't has spent $114,253 per
second and only brought in $73,043 per second Social Security Trust Fund
Pension Plans Inflation & Unempolyment The current inflation rate for
2013 is 1.5%. In 2007 it was
4.1%. The Presidents President Barack Obama
President George W. Bush Application of Lessons Learned Allowing yourself, or in
this case your country,
to get into debt will only
make your situation worse. The Big Ques tion The biggest question we can ask ourselves is will the government continue spending and send us back in time to another depression, or can we get our economy back on track? Application of Lessons Learned Stimulus packages can only prolong the recession,
not end it. Our current unemployment rate is
7.6% The Modern Recession Places: Our recession effects almost everyone
in the US.
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