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11th hour

No description

erika steinger

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of 11th hour

11th hour
Expert: use of words or conclusions to support a claim; used to support credibility/ethos

Hypothetical: use a "what if" example to challenge the audience to consider implications; used to show what might happen

Visual: graph, chart, timeline, photo, etc. that presents information to support a claim; used to make information visually example and may create pathos
The 11th Hour
during viewing
Do Now
Hand in your essay if you didn't do it yesterday
Get your Springboard book, then copy down the EQ and word of the day
With a partner, fill out the graphic organizer on page 323 of your Springboard book
Thursday, May 7th
Facts and Statistics: surveys, numbers, studies; used to appeal logically and over quantifiable evidence

Analogy: comparison of two things to support conclusions based on similarities; used to make the unfamiliar more familiar

Anecdote: true story of personal experience relative to the topic; build credibility/ethos

Illustration: description of experience to support a generalization; used to logically support a claim with an example
Complete the graphic organizer on page 327
Take notes that answer the questions on page 326
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