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Gay Rights in Russia

No description

Skye Girard

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Gay Rights in Russia

The Rights in Russia
Skye and Me chose gay rights in the category of human rights. Being gay is not something you can change, so when you´re not allowed to be something you can´t change it´s hard to live. Some people end their live because of this problem.
How People Deal With it
Its very hard to deal with it, as we talked about it before there is homosexuals and there is Homophobia. Homophobics are people who are against LGBT persons. In Russia they are trying to stop propaganda and trying to stop it.
Where is it Happening?
These things mostly happen in places like Russia.
In 2013 there was a Pew Global Attitudes Project about the acceptance of homosexuals. Only 1-10%
of Russians that took the survey accepted homosexuals.
Do People Get Hurt For Being LGBT Persons?
LGBT persons do get hurt, tortured or even murdered. kids and teens have said they were gay, lesbian ect. And they got tortured by other people weather it is a teen or an adult. Sometimes when they are being tortured the other people record it and post it on YouTube, where everyone can see it.
What would a family member do?
In these kinds of places if kids admit they are
gay to their parents they usually disown them.
This means they no longer accept the kid as family
or kin. They give the child up for adoption or abandon them.
If you have any questions we
will answer them now. Yes, you.
C'mon, ask a question.
The Lack of Gay Rights in Russia
Gay Rights
What is Happening?
In many places around the world, homosexuals
are treated differently for being gay. In places like Russia they don't believe two people of the same sex should be allowed to love each other. For example in Russia people serve jail time for being gay.
Is it illegal?
The End of our Prezi
No. It isn't so much illegal as it is banned.
On February 9th, 2015 the Supreme Court of America
legalized same sex marriage in all 50 states. But
unfortunately as you all know Russia isn't one of those 50 states. Hopefully the time will come soon.
The End
This is the end of our Prezi. We hope you enjoyed and learned a few things about the lack of gay rights in Russia.
Question Bubble
Topic idea by: Adri
Map colored by: Skye
Research by: Skye and Adri
Prezi edited by: Skye and Adri
Presented by: Skye and Adri
What does Canada do?
In 2005 Canada became the
fourth country in the world
to legalize same sex marriage.
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