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Ahmed Kamal For ZMSSA President 2012

No description

Ahmed Kamal

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Ahmed Kamal For ZMSSA President 2012

ZMSSA President 2012-2013 Ahmed M. Kamal Who? Ahmed Mohammed Kamal
5th year Medical Student
23 years old Why Kamal? Motivated
Have a practical Solution for This Situation
Have Ideas to improve the quality of the work
Hard worker Current Situation Improvement Plan of Action Constitution and Bylaws Plan of Action ZMSSA Financial ZMSSA LOME 2011-2012
ZMSSA Acting LPO 2011
ZMSSA Vice LOME 2011 IFMSA-Egypt Alumni Management Team Member

Member in CCC at 2nd IFMSA-Egypt GA 2012 (Tanta)

Attend EMR 8 Amman Jordan Plan Of Action Preparing a documents and
presentation to be presented to GA with capabilities and change we have to over roll the decision of TO
ZMSSA SCOPE Requesting Officials to
Re investigate the Issue and
asking NEOs to visit ZMSSA
Using External Relation and
Advocating Power to
Reactivate SCOPE
Other Ideas That will help
ZMSSA to reactivate SCOPE as New Corporate Identity
Election of
constitutional change
Task force
Constitutional Change
Task Force
appointment by
ZMSSA board
Constitutional draft
for GA adoption
GA adoption
"If GA quorum failed "Adoption by ZMSSA Board
External Partner Plan of Action Admission & Recruitment

Building Capacity

ZMSSA Projects

Presidential Tasks CHANGE COMES BY HARD WORK....
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