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English Language GCSE Exam

No description

Leanne Stevens

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of English Language GCSE Exam

English Language GCSE Exam - Reading and Writing Non-fiction Texts
General Information
5th November 2013 am
2 hours and 15 minutes
Section A- Reading (40)
Section B - Writing (40)
Total marks available - 80
You are advised to spend one hour 15 mins on section A and one hour on section B

Section A - Reading
Four questions
Three texts
15 minutes questions 1-3
26 minutes question 4
You need just over half marks on all four questions to achieve a C grade (58% of available marks)
You need 75% of available marks for an A*
Question One (8)
Refers to the first text, called Item 1
Tests your ability to retrieve information and ideas from the text, support them with evidence and interpret what the writer is /showing or suggesting.
4 points with evidence and inferences
15 mins including reading time
Refers to the text, called Item 2
Tests your ability to understand and interpret presentational features:
Question Three (8)
Refers to the text called, Item 3
Tests your ability to understand and interpret meaning. (inference and deduction)
Question Four (16)
Refers to text three and one other text of your choosing
Tests your ability to compare the effectiveness of language (words)
Section B - Writing
Two writing questions - 1 hour
5 minutes thinking time
Question 5 is worth 16 marks
Inform, explain describe
Spend approximately 25 minutes on question 5
Question 6 is worth 24 marks
Persuade or argue a point of view
spend approximately 35 minutes on question 6
Content, organisation and accuracy
Consider what you learn about an issue, person/organisation or event
You must include a range of points (4)
You must use relevant quotations to support points made
Interpret the text and explain what the quotation reveals or shows (this suggests)
Make connections or links between pieces of information so that you can make comments based on the text
Success Criteria
Point Explanation and Link
POINT - make a comment or statement about a presentational feature I.E the headline
EXPLANATION - explain what effect is created through the use of this feature.
LINK to the text with a quotation
Explain how it links
Success Criteria
What are ..……thoughts or feelings about.......?
Work through the text line by line
POINT - Explore a thought or feeling. Try to add inferences and details. (4)
Look for changes and developments
EVIDENCE - each thought or feeling must be supported by words copied from the text.
EXPLAIN - explain how your evidence supports your point. what individual words reveal
Use third person - it's not what you think or feel!
Success Criteria
You must analyse/explore how language is used for deliberate effect
POINT -explore the use of language features.
EVIDENCE - you must use quotations to illustrate the device used.
EXPLAIN what effect is created and why you think the writer has used that device
EXPLAIN the effect that the use of the device has on the reader
26 minutes
Useful words or phrases
At first the author thinks…..
The author feels.......
The words '.............' suggest the writer feels.......... because...........
As the article continues the writer .......
This shown by the use of the line ........
This suggests, shows, conveys, reveals
Useful words and phrases
This suggests, implies, means, conveys that...............
The word '.......' effectively conveys the idea that.........
This help to convince the reader ........ because...........
The use of the rhetorical question .......

Useful words and phrases
The use of the word '.........' in the headline makes the reader think .........
The image conveys........
The use of the subheading '...........' helps to convince the reader ......... because..........
The effect of the image is ...........
This suggests that .........
Success Criteria
Plan your answers.
Suit your writing to form, layout audience and purpose.
Put detail, information and examples into your writing.
Use ambitious vocabulary and language features to create deliberate effects.
Vary the way you start and join your sentences.
Use a variety of different sentence types.
Use a variety of punctuation.
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