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Kate MacKay

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Kate and Caitlyn
How can we make
a difference?

Paul Holmes
Margaret Mahy: Our
National Hero
Where was she born?
Bethany Hamilton
When did she write her first book?
How many books has she written?
Any setbacks?
Job before becoming an author?
Cause of death?
Anything else?
Birthday and Death date?
Place of birth?
What inspired her to do charity work?
Biography Questions
Birth and Death?
Where he grew up?
How he died?
Where did he go to school?
How is he special to New Zealand?
What was his job?
Why is it important to back up what you
Why is it important to back up what you say?

What is she most well
known for?
What awards/titles/championships has she won?
Media/Interviews/ Books etc
Obstacles she overcame
How she is inspiring/how she made an impact on the world
What is her job?
How does she help the community?
Where did you grow up?
How did you learn what you need to do for the pound?
Any interesting stories?
Personal Pets
On the 21st of June, 2000, I was brought into this world in Waitakere Hospital. My name was tossed around, and after my mum had many strange dreams about various names, I was called Kate Alice MacKay – it suited my personality and it rhymed with my brother’s nickname, Mate.
The name Kate means pure, chaste, blessed, and popularity. It is debated whether it comes from a Greek, English or Scottish origin, or a mix. Alice was a great friend of my grandmothers. She died when my dad was about my age, and both him and my grandma thought it was a perfect fit for a middle name. My last name is Scottish – I come from a strong Scottish background – and has been passed down by many generations.
My cultural background is very interesting yet boring and long, so after a long history lesson from my dad, I summarized it and modernized it. The MacKay’s (my ancestors) were what’s called ‘tenant farmers’. A bit like renting a house, they lived in a farm that they rented, but they could do whatever they wanted with their land. One day, they were basically kicked out as well as a bunch of other tenant farmers, and they all hopped on a boat headed to Newfoundland. They decided that Newfoundland wasn’t the place for them, so this time they hopped on two separate boats; half went to Australia, the other half to New Zealand. Also, each family were sort of a tribe. Each ‘tribe’ had a chant or motto; mine being ‘Manu Forti,’ meaning, ‘Stand Strong.’
 I have a very interesting memory. I can also look at a word, say it twice and I will know how to spell it from then on, which makes it very hard to choose spelling words! I often get told to pick up my washing and out it in the laundry, and five minutes later I’m reading a book with no memory of being told to pick up my washing. However my first memory is from when I was two, and I remember little things like what colour shirt everyone in the memory was wearing, or how my hair was styled, or if I had nutella on my face.

One of my earliest childhood memories is something my mother told me before heading to kindergarten one day. It was cold, so my mum wrapped my up in my cutest winter gear, including a pretty black flowery sweatshirt.
“Now Kate, it’s going to be very cold out there so keep your sweatshirt on.” She told me. I grew extremely jealous as I watched everyone else take off their sweatshirts at kindy. I spent the majority of my lunchtime walking around, my arms crossed, repeating, “Don’t take your sweatshirt off, don’t take your sweatshirt off!” This showed that right from the start I showed my stubbornness that I had inherited from my grandmother on my mum’s side.
Strangely enough I don’t remember my first day of school. Every so often I get flickers of things that happened that day, but it’s not a standout thing in my memory.
Growing up, it was obvious that I was my fathers daughter. I started writing before I could walk and I could read before I could talk! So I might be exaggerating a little, but you know how most singers say they could sing before they could talk? They were probably exaggerating! I read at every possible time I could once I learnt how. Reading and Writing is a huge passion of mine which I hope to use in my adult life - which leads me onto my hobbies and interests!
My sporting interests include netball, table tennis, ice-skating, dancing and volleyball.
I have been playing netball since I was six and it was a great starting foundation for my sports. It is a fantastic sport and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start it!
Table Tennis:
Ever since my family invested in a table in 2010 I have been hooked. I spend hours on end
practicing my skills and it is great fun, amateur or professional!
My uncle’s ex-partner (whom is the mother of my cousin), who I regard as my unofficial aunty, is a brilliant ice skater and her mum actually skated professionally. Every time her and my sole cousin are in Auckland we go ice skating and she is slowly beginning to teach me tricks – I am slowly learning how to skate backward!
When I was eight, my best friend at time wanted to start dancing at Tania Foster School of Modern Dance. I overheard my mum and her mum talking about it when her mum (who is a hairdresser) was cutting my mums hair. I was suddenly alert. What dancing? Where? Who? My questions were popping out 1000 per second. My best friend (at the time) and I soon started dance lessons. She quit halfway through but I kept going, and I’m glad I did because it’s great fun and it unveiled one of my hidden talents!
Volleyball is more something I would like to pursue at high school than one of my best sports that I’m good at. Being tall I am a great fit for volleyball and like watching it the odd time it is played on TV. Due to the disc in my wrist tearing just in time for volleyball zones, I haven’t had much experience but would like to look more into it this year and the next.
My other interests include writing, reading, drawing, playing with my pets, and a bunch of other stuff. You see, my memory is weird! I can’t remember important things at the right time. Moving on...
My family consists of four humans and 3 furry ones. My dad, Ross MacKay, my mum, Delia, and my older brother Andrew all live in the same house along with my very self-orientated cat, Chrissy, and my two birds, a very timid and easily-frightened budgie Sparkie, and my cockatiel that never is quiet, AJ. We found both AJ and Chrissy and adopted them. Chrissy is five, Sparkie is 3 and AJ is around 1 or 2.
Now onto my aspirations. When I am older I hope to be an author. And if being a famous author is just not for me, I will hopefully train to be a pet photographer. I have an extreme love for animals AND photography, so combining them would be a dream job for me! I also want to train as a primary school teacher. A lot of aspirations, I know... but it’s good to have a backup plan!

When I'm an adult and have established a solid career, I want to take a gap year and do a tour of the best and most scariest rollercoasters in the U.S.A. All I've wanted to do since I was 8 or 9 is ride all of the best rollercoasters in the States!
At only 12 years old I am still extremely young and have a long life ahead of me. I hope to be successful and happy at whatever I do in my adult years – even if I’m a hobo, I hope to be happy! You never know, maybe you’ll see my name on a bestselling novel one day!
Words vs Actions
The application!
Bethany Hamilton
Paul Holmes
Margaret Mahy
Leanne Lane
2013 c copyright words vs actions app. KAMTU application development inc.
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Words vs Actions app
As a part of our, "we can make a
Difference" topic, we had to think
of a beneficial way to change our
school. Together Annie, Karen,
Gina, Jordan, Madi and I decided
to petition for a tuck shop. We
have a total of 85 (give or take a
few) signatures from people in
year 5-8 who want a tuck shop!
Action Plan
Our vision: to create a Tuck
Shop at our school.
What skills will we need?
Time management, persuasion,
organizing, presenting, math,
selling, money.
Who could influence the
Mr Young, Board of Trustees,
Lunch Ladies, MVS pupils.
How will we find out what
people think of our idea?
Surveys and Petitions.
How can we raise awareness
of our issue?
MVTV ads, posters and letters.
What else do we need to know
to make an informed action?
Who can we ask?
Schools with tuck shops, parents.
Action plan by Kate, Annie, Jordan, Karen and Madi
Why is it important to back up what you say?
So you have just written a pretty good 1000 word essay about Barack Obama. Your teacher marks it and your result is a big, fat F. You failed? What! That's impossible! You spent sleepless nights writing that! You complain to the teacher. She says that you didn't back up what you say - how is she supposed to know whether you made up half of the essay if you didn't write where you got your information from! Not many people will trust you if you don't back up what you say. They will think you just go around and make up things!
Hi, we are year 8 students from room 25 Marina View School, our names are: Annie, Karen and Madison. We have a request for a
tuck shop, for our school that opens everyday from 12.30 -1 at lunchtime. It would be a good way to receive money for our
school, to purchase more equipment to use. These are the reasons why we should have a tuck shop, in Marina View School.

Having a tuck shop will definitely raise more money for our school, we’ve had cupcake sales, pizza lunches and sausage sizzles
to increase school profit. If we have a tuck shop we would be receiving money everyday. We are planning to have a tuck shop
in the kitchen hall, to replace the lunch orders. In this case two year 8’s will be looking after the tuck shop each day. The
kitchen hall is suitable, big and clean for us to open a tuck shop in Marina View School, which means we won’t have to spend
any money on the tuck shop itself.

We have planned to have two different types of drinks for the seasons. In winter it is very cold and hot chocolates may assist
with the coldness. In summer it gets quite hot and people get sweaty and dehydrated, so cold drinks may cool the body down.
In summer and spring, we were thinking about having ice blocks, to also help the body cool down when it is hot, as well as in
winter and autumn we will also have ice blocks. We believe that more people will come to the tuck shop if the food and drinks
we mentioned are put in the tuck shop.

To show proof about people also wanting a tuck shop at our school, we did a survey from year 5-8 and asked them some relatable
questions to suggest some ideas for the tuck shop. We asked some questions like: when would you like to see the tuck shop open,
name one thing that you would like to see in a tuck shop etc. on our survey there was a question that said “, name one thing that
you would like to see in a tuck shop?” Five people said they wanted lollies but, we are going to stick with the school rule about no
lollies. We also did a petition for students to sign if they agreed they wanted a tuck shop at school.

We have identified some ways to solve the problems we faced during our discussing time. One of our problems was who is going to
look after the tuck shop each day. We figured that the year 8’s should do it because they are more responsible and knowledgeable
to take care of the tuck shop. We thought we should do a cupcake sale to raise more money for the school, so the school can help
us pay for the food for the tuck shop.

In conclusion, we think having a tuck shop would be great for the school. In our data you can see that a lot of people want to
have a tuck shop for our school. We know there is a lot of responsibilities, but we know we will manage if we work together and
pull this off, we believe that this tuck shop will make school better for students at MVS. Thank you for your time.

My name is Caitlyn Crawford. My birthday is
on the 13th of April. My hobby is netball and my interests are sports and that.

A typical 13 year old is always hanging out with friends and on facebook. This is my life my name is Caitlyn Crawford a typical 13 year old.

I grew up around west harbour and my school is Marina View. I’ve got two younger sisters Paige she’s 8 and Ruby she’s 2 and I have two younger brothers Caleb he’s 5 and goes to
Marina View too and Linkin he’s 5 too.

When I grow up I want to be a Silver Fern. I love playing netball. My favourite player and who inspires me is Catherine Latu – she is an amazing player. She plays goal shoot.
Why it is important to back up what you say:
I think it’s important to back up what I say because if you don’t back it up they
won’t believe what you say because they could think that your lying like the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Cause the boy who cried wolf lied to his family and they all came rushing up and after that they stopped trusting him. Lots of people who write speech’s always back up what there saying so they can get to people to tell them what your saying so they can think about and maybe stand up for what your writing about.
The local person I chose is my mum, Kym Grant. She was born on 13/10/
1970 in New Zealand, she now lives in West Harbour. Kym is an Accounts Manager for an Insurance company.
In her school years she enjoyed swimming, cooking, spelling and English. For primary school she went to Huapai and for high school she went to Auckland’s Girl’s Grammar. My mum grew up in Kumeu and she loved living there because of all the outdoor activities and all the farm animals.
Kym’s inspiration is Princess Dianna because she is so poised and beautiful and such a good role model . Through her job she has meet some famous people and also some really nice people. One of my mums goals is to be the best mother as she can be.
Three things I would describe my mum as is a perfectionist, organized and thoughtful. A motivation for Kym is to have a great career and be successful. I think Kym Grant is a good up standing citizen and she supports the local schools and the SPCA.
Why we should have a
Ice Cream shop at Luckens Reserve

I believe that it would be a great idea to have a ice cream shop at Luckens Reserve because after school on hot days ice creams would be perfect!! We have surveyed some kids from our school(Marina View ) and they all said they would love to get an ice cream shop across the road at Luckens Reserve .
Why it would be a great idea
At Luckens Reserve there is so much space that is all going to waste !!!!! There is hundreds of meters that has nothing on it! But if we had a ice cream shop at Luckens there wouldn't be as much wasted space. There is plenty of flat land that we could put an ice cream shop around the reserve that would save money.
The Space
If we put a shop over at Luckens Reserve they would get lots of business because there is a school across the road. Also in weekends it would be great because family's can come and get an ice cream together. It would be excellent for families to get together.
To get more business you could even do deals so in the morning you could get business not just after school. Some deals you could do is like buy a coffee and get a free ice cream. You could not just sell ice cream you could sell other things as well like a little cafe.
Deals and things you could do
Ideas/Photo page
Thank you for watching and we look forward to hearing back from you

Your sincerely

Brooklyn Yagmich, Caitlyn Crawford, Claudia Sowter 
The end
Caitlyn's Action Plan
Vision: Ice-cream Shop
What skills will we need?
Who could influence the
You will need to be good at
The council
How will we find out what
people know or think about
the issue?
Survey, ask people
How can we raise awareness
of the issue?
Write a letter, prezi
Our Action...
We made a powerpoint
Anything else we need
to know?
You need to know how much
it will cost to build it, how
much money we would get.
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