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Hero's Journey and Character Arc of Odysseus

Cheyenne McCrary

cheyenne mccrary

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey and Character Arc of Odysseus

Cheyenne McCrary Hero's Journey and Character Arc of Odysseus Ordinary World: First Threshold: Odysseus wants to go home to Penelope, but Calypso wants to win the heart of Odysseus. Hermes was sent to tell Calypso that Odysseus had to be set free so he can go back to Ithaca. So Calypso grudgingly revealed the news to Odysseus that he could return home to Ithaca. Call to Adventure: Odysseus does not trust Calypso and suspects that she is tricking him, so he refuses to go back home and stays in Ogyia. Refusal of the Call: Mentor: Odysseus' First Threshold was agreeing to leave the island of Calypso, after he has collected her binding oath, and sets sail back home to Ithaca. The strong Prince began his voyage back to Ithaca with the thought that he is going to stop at some land and make friends and peace with those people. They helped him furnish a ship and crew to assist him on his voyage home. This period of beginning to sail for Ithaca, after a long period frustration at not being able to get his home, compromise what is Odsseus' crossing the 1st threshold of his journey. Tests, Allies, Enemies: Odysseus' tests, allies, and enemies segment of his jouney doesnt consist of many events. Although he faced a lot of enemies and trials that he overcame throughout his struggles getting home to Ithaca, at that time he faced one major enemy whom definitely provided a non-superficial test for him to pass, and only one entity, being the Phaceians, as his ally. When he began his journey, Odysseus traveled safley for so many days, however Poseidon, god of the seas and the earthquakes, put an immortal curse upon him . Around the 29th day in the story of
"The Odyssey", Poseidon is seething up on high about Odysseus being released from Calypso, and still mad that
Approach to the Inmost Cave: Odysseus comes to his inmost cave when he finally reaches his home and touches the ground of Ithaca. When Odysseus reached his home, it was the most important time of his life. Supreme Ordeal: Odysseus' supreme ordeal is facing the suitors. Telemachus is the only person who knows about Odysseus' plan to get revenge on the suitors. Odysseus kills all of the suitors in a battle and executes all of the disloyal maids. Reward: Odysseus' reward is getting back home to Penelope, Telemachus, and his surviving father. Odysseus spent a lot of his time being away from his family, therfore he was excited and relieved to get back to Ithaca. The Road Back: Odysseus' road back is symbolized by his journey to see his father, Laertes and bring him back to Ithaca so he can finally be with his family without any danger in the palace. Odysseus has to step up against his final enemy in this part of his journey in the object of the suitor's mad fathers who come after him to kill him for the slaughtering of all the suitors. Odysseus, Telemachus, and even Laertes, with the help of Athena kills these aggressors too. Resurrection: Odysseus is resurrected when he finally wins against his last enemy and can now take a break from fighting and the danger that was upon him for two decades. Return with the Elixir: The return with the elixir is when Odysseus and all of his true friends win against his threat to their survival, and peace was upon the whole island of Ithaca.
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