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Their Eyes Were Watching God

No description

travis richards

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Chapter 14
"People ugly from ignorance and broken from being poor.(Hurston 131)"
Chapter 15
The initiator and the finisher: who finishes

Tea Cake and Chunky girl Nunkie are flirting nonstop in the face of Janie's. "A little seed of fear grows into a tree of fear.(Hurston 136)" Janie goes to look for Tea Cake and him and Nunkie are nowhere to be found when Janie finds Tea Cake she finds him with Nunkie in the cane field struggling Janie grow furious and trys to attack Nunkie but she couldn't catch her. At home Janie and Tea Cake began to fight but to no avail fighting turns into a passionate love scene and they lie and bed and talk about how foolish Nunkie.
Chapter 16
" All Gods who receive homage are cruel. All gods dispense suffering without reason otherwise they would not be worshiped. Through indiscriminate suffering men know fear and fear is the devine emotion. It is the stones for alters and the begnning of wisdom. Half gods are worshiped in urine and flowers. Real gods require blood .(Hurston 145)"
Chapter 19
Mr. & Mrs. Brown had survived the hurricane, and after all that's said and done, bodies were layed across the entire town. Bodies were found in trees, under roofs and scrapes of metal. With limited men to help clean up, Tea cake was forced to be apart of the clean up crew to dispose of the bodies. Tea cake went along with the program, but with his condition, he'd be pushing himself too much and shortly after tea cake started he made his escape through the bushes to make his way back to Janie. "They mighty particular how dese dead folks goes tuh judgement.(Hurston 171)"
Chapter 13
Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Outside perspective but this is my reality.

In this chapter Janie and Tea Cake are the topic of the towns’ discussion. Many feel as if Tea Cake is not worthy enough to be with Mrs. Mayor Starks. They feel that all Tea Cake is after is Janie's money. After a dialogue between Janie and Phoeby, Janie sets the critics straight and let them know she now has a chance to live life her own life, the life she wasn't able to live being with Mayor Starks. With Tea Cake she feels free he embraces her and Tea Cake treats her the way she wants to be treated.
Chapter 17
"What kinda man is you, Turner? You see dese no count niggers come in heah and break up ma place! How kin you sit and see yo' wife all trompled on? You ain't no kinda man at all. You seen dat Tea Cake shove me down! Yes you did! You aint raised yo' hand to do nothing about it.(Hurston 152)"
A strong girl, full of life, placed on a path to find herself as a woman. Janie goes through life, molded by her grandmother, showcasing what a woman should be. Folding clothes, ensuring that the house is clean, preparing a meal for the man of the household; just a typical wife role based upon that time frame. Janie also fights herself, suppressing who she truly is, letting her light dimmer as she goes through life on a day to day basis. From chapters tweleve to twenty, Janie goes through a remarkable journey with her husband, Mr. Brown(Tea Cake). Throughout this presentation we'll be looking at three main key points that changed Janie perspective on life forever.
Introduction to Literature ENG 201
By: Travis Richards
David Clark

"All night now the jooks clang and clamored. pianos living three lifetimes in one. blues made and used right on the spot. Dancing, fighting, singing, crying, laughing, winning, and losing love every hour. Work all day for money, fight all night for love.(Hurston 131)"
1st Response
People living in the "muck" are accustomed to their lifestyle they cant detour from acknowledging any other choice of lifestyle. From being poor, it taints one's reality leaving the towns people in a one track mind.
2nd Response
Work all day and party till dusk. The life one lives in the "Muck" is repetitious yet satisfying, for this was a way of life for the people of the "Muck". The partying seems like the only outlet for the towns people to express themseleves.
"Aw, dont make God look so foolish-findin' fault wid everything He made.(Hurston 145)"
Why do you think Mr Turner let the fight get out of hand?
In reference to chapter 16 quote one, Janie felt as if shes being force into religion by suppressing who she truly was to fit in with the towns people. she had a altered logic to what religion meant to her, religion for her meant she was being oppressed to societies standards. Second quote extracted from chapter sixteen speaks on how Mrs. Turner disrespected Tea Cake, claiming that he isn't good enough for Janie and that her brother would be a perfect match. Manipulation was keen in Mrs Turner plan but Janie's love for Tea Cake was remarkably strong.
After Tea Cake Died, Janie was placed on trial, facing accusations of murder. Everyone in town felt that Janie was the caused of Tea Cakes death, yet the evidence overpowered the towns people verdict, with the help of the Doctor. Although Janie won her case, the towns people felt a certain way about her. "Yeah, de nigger woman kin kill up all de mens dey wants tuh, but bet' not kill one of dem. De white folks will sho hung you if you do.(Hurston 189)"
Chapter 20
"The wind through the open windows had broomed out all the fetid feeling of absence and nothingness. She closed in and sat down. Combing road-dust out of her hair. Thinking.(Hurston 129)"
With coming to terms with her loss, Janie comes back to Eatonville, where all the people of the town talked about her horribly. Janie didn't care, but being back in the house, she could only sit back and reminisce of what life she had with Tea Cake.
Chapter 18
Nine months after Janie's marriage she starts dating Tea Cake. Do you think she rushed into love without finding herself? If so Elaborate.

Janie has been through many relationships where she was restricted to act as she will. Meeting Tea Cake do you think Janie gained a sense of liberation?

Absences make the heart grow fonder.

Janie and Tea Cake relationship got off to good and hopeful start, they move to Jacksonville. One morning Janie sends Tea Cake off to get fish for breakfast after a few hour of no Tea Cake Janie’s gets concerns and she then realizes that two hundred dollars of her money came up missing with her knowing the concerns of the people of Eatonville and Mrs. Tyler the widow Janie starts to think of Tea Cake as using her. Tea Cake arrives the next morning and he uses his charm to manipulate the possible trouble that awaited him. Come to find out Tea Cake took Janie’s money and used it to throw a dinner and party.
Will love cause you to put up with some foolish behavior?

Did Janie run off with him too soon? And why?

The happiness that Tea Cakes gives Janie is what keeps her around. But Tea Cake at times treat Janie wrong he takes her presence for granted and plays on her emotions at time.
At this point what kind of man is Tea Cake?

Janie's jealousy exposes her insecurities when she finds that Tea Cake and Nunkie play wrestling in the cane

Tea Cake once again put Janie in a corner to where she has to act out of her emotions.

Has the guilt of Jealousy ever caused you to act out of emotion?

Tea Cake once again uses his charm to manipulate the emotions of Janie's. What does this say about Janie and Tea Cakes relationship?
"Six eyes were questioning God...And their eyes were watching.(Hurston 159-160)"

In this 21st century do you think African American to this day look toward Caucasians to be the problem solvers if yes, why?

What are we doing as a Culture to be the answers that we need?

What does their eyes’ watching God mean for you?
How is racism seen in Their Eyes were watching God?
Through the eyes of Zora Hurston, how is classism portrayed in the novel?
How does this poem relate to what author Zora Hurston speaks of racism in
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Can you point out key notes where racism is shown in chapter 19?
"Love never dies, discoveries with you unfold to liberate my inner truth."
In which ways does this poem relate to Janie?
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