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Copy of Darfur Genocide:

The Failed Promise... yet again

Neil Bhatt

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Darfur Genocide:

Darfur Genocide The Failed Promise... yet agian Classification Symbolization Dehumanization Organization Polarization Preperation Extermination Denail A key distinguishing factor between Genocides and other forms of mass murder is that Genocide is always meticulously organized, usually by the state. Although the Sudanese government publicly denies that it supports the Janjaweed, there is abundant amount of evidence that proves otherwise. Lets take a closer look! Military assistance/ Financial Assistance
Guns, ammo, machete, training

Joint Attacks
Risk of displacement was nearly 110% higher during a joint attack

Non-Arab villages were singled out while Arab villages were left untouched Darfur A partial transcript of Aegis’ interview is available below. Is the process of creating a sharp division in the population, into opposing factions. As extremists drive wedge between groups, the voices of the moderate become lost. Physical Segregation
Arab located in Northern Sudan, while Darfurians located in Darfur

Arab apartheid
The Arabs centralized power and excluded blacks from politics and economy
Polarized Ethnic Groups

Hate speech and polarizing propaganda
The President of Sudan said he would not protect the black Africans The Janjaweed had a various ways of murdering and looting the people
of Darfur. The government would turn of all phone lines and a
helicopter (provided by Russia) would crash into the village. The main
weapon used throughout this genocide was machetes. Guns were rarely
used. An example of such brutal killings were when the Janjaweed went
to an all girls school, chained the students and burned them to death.
Rape was also commonly used as a weapon.

450,000 dead (from violence, famine and disease)
2.5 million refugees and internally displaced persons
150,000 – 300,000 refugees in neighbouring Chad Where:




When: Western region of Sudan called Darfur Bully: Government funded militia called Janjaweed (Devil's on horse back)
Resistor: Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)
Bullied: non-Arab Muslim Fur, Zaghawa, and Masalit ethnic groups
Bystander: International Community (United Nations, America) 2003- 2010/11 ? An International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for al-Bashir on 4 March 2009 indicting him on five counts of crimes against humanity and two counts of war crimes
First sitting head of state ever indicted by the ICC.
Al-Bashir continues to defy the warrant and has since visited Egypt and Qatar.
On July 12, 2010, Second arrest warrant for President al-Bashir was later issued with three added counts of genocide.

The Sudanese government and the JEM signed a ceasefire agreement in February, 2010, with a tentative agreement Conclusion It began in February 2003 when the SLM and JEM in Darfur took up arms in retaliation of the Sudanese government's oppression of non-Arab For the genocide in Darfur lots of preparations were made between the
Janjaweed and the government in order to carry out their plans of mass
extermination of the African citizens of Darfur.

The Janjaweed are a group of Arab militia which were hired by the government to torture and kill the African citizens.

The government provided helicopters and were storing weapons in preparation
for the mass killings. The government funded the Janjaweed completely and gavethem full support

The Janjaweed knew exactly where they were planning to bomb. The group
had maps of communities and schools which they were planning to destroy
completely. Innocent people’s property was demolished and they were forced into unprotected IDP camps Genocide: the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. Preparation for genocide includes identification. Lists of victims are drawn up. Houses are marked. Maps are made. Individuals are forced to carry ID cards identifying their ethnic or religious group. Preparation also includes destruction of the property of the victims. Transportation of the victims to these killing centers is then organized. It is after or during the genocide
The perpetrators will try to cover up their tracks by destroying any evidence of a genocide
They will also deny the facts and will try to scew the numbers in their favour Sudanese government claims it was a civil war or that it was tribal fighting.

The Sudanese government claims that Darfur was not a genocide and they also claim that they had no involvement in the genocide.

As well they try to scew the numbers of casualties in the genocide they say that only 450,000 people were displaced which is no comparison to what the UN has as an estimate which is 2.8 million people displaced.

As well Sudanese officials would report to the UN and deny reports that their was a genocide going on which was them just trying to covering up making it look like they had nothing to do with it.

China and Russia also claimed it was never a genocide while it was going on. They also deny that they helped in the genocide even though a lot of weapons used by the Janjaweed were either Russian or Chinese weapons.
The targeted group of Sudanese Africans were the “Black Africans”. They were targeted by the “Arab Africans” outside of the Darfur region. The Arab Africans felt that because black Africans had a history of being enslaved, that they continued to be lesser people than the Arab Africans.

Because of this belief, Black Africans began to contest the government which lead to internal instability, as well as rising tension between the two groups.

The Arab Africans felt that instability and ethnic impurity was caused by the black Africans; and felt that in order to purify their land they must exterminate the black Africans from their country. Unlike other genocides such as the holocaust or the Rwandan genocide, there were no specific tools used to identify the targeted group, it was unnecessary to do so, because the targeted audience is of a different race. This made identification of the targets to be simple for those committing genocide. This made it impossible for the targeted group to hide their identity, and deny their affiliation with their minority people.

However it cannot be said that the skin color of the targeted group was not a symbol, as it represented their past with slavery. How did you get involved in the Janjaweed?

There are certain people who recruit people to the Janjaweed.
The militia was started on orders from the Government.

Who trained you?

The government provides a number of people who train us.
The weapons are provided by the Government. Despite the increase in world attention toward Sudan in the past months, the genocide in Darfur has continued without any serious attempt by the Sudanese government to do what governments primarily exist to do, protect their citizens.
Tom Allen Thank you for your attention In Darfur, dehumanization has often taken racial forms. Sudan consists of two distinctly different worlds: the Muslim majority and Arab north as well as the largely Christian and animist south, where the predominant race is black. For over 20 years, rebels in the south
have been battling northern government forces. In 2003, there was a rebellion that erupted in Darfur, prompting the government to form and equip militias known as the Janjaweed. These militias have committed most of the atrocities in Darfur, and their actions were
racially driven. One report concerns a rape victim who was told, "You are black, so we can rape you."

A UN report documented the Janjaweed's "scorched earth" policy to drive black tribes from Darfur. Witnesses described statements such as "the Fur [one of the chief tribes in Darfur] are our slaves, we will kill them" and "we are here to eradicate blacks."

As mentioned earlier the southern Sudanese were racially targeted by the Janjaweed making them the bullied victims in this genocide.
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