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geologic time scale project silurian period

Danielle Morris

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Morris_Silurian_Harvard

Seventh stop You have just arrived at an island broken off pangea!
Go put on your wet suit and dive below the surface to look at the trilobites, if you can find one! Just arriving First stop Second stop this is another fun stop for you now that you have seen some of the plant life on the island and wandered around for a while you can play a game with some of the other travelers!

Scavenger hunt:
You are close to the beach so go find a qunkleostos and a acanthodian before everyone else and you will get a prize later in the trip! Third stop We hope you enjoy this video as you travel home. this is an overview of future trips that you can take with our service. Your trip is almost over so it is time to enjoy your last chance to tan and relax before going home. We hope to see you again in one of our many other travel locations! Remember we love to receive your comments, make your voices heard and give us ways to make our service more suited to you!!! we will always monitor and adjust accordingly! sorry about the pterygotus in the water, they might eat you so watch out!! your personal map Your journey through the silurian period Going Home this is what you might see when you get there!!!! now you are going to be introduced to your home on the island. since the climate is tropical here we have prepared a cool place for you to sleep, sorry no electricity! Fourth stop Fifth stop Sixth stop Now that you have had a good night's sleep you can enjoy a breakfast of freshly prepared roasted fish.
These organisms are flourishing in this environment. We hope you like sea food!!
If you don't you can eat our roasted spider's legs. Arachnids are also flourishing here, don't get bitten!!! You are far enough inland right now that you won't have to worry about the pterygotus, but you will later! they could almost eat you whole!!!! now it is time for that prize that we promised the winner of the scavenger hunt! you get to keep a giant scorpion when you go home! they are some of the flourishing arachnids of the time. don't get stung!! pretty cool huh? it is bigger than you and your dog!! Call 644-575-5213
to book your reservations now!!!!!!!!!!! ~all most no volcanic activity happening right now! so don't worry your house won't burn down! MMM yummy
human! $10 to rent scuba gear Dr. Danielle Morris
march 6th 2013
Harvard c/o 2021 TO DIE now you can enjoy the different plant life and animals of the area.
there are many fern-like plants and mosses all along the ground.
These plants are very common here so we hope you aren't allergic to them! (allergy medicine in the gift shop $8 a bottle)
Most of the animals are quite friendly, no dinosaurs to worry about in this time period! some of what you will see are arachnids and centipedes. hope you aren't scared of CREEPY CRAWLIES!!! this is something you might see crawling around Your Insurance Won't Work Here If You Die. So Don't Get Eaten!! Or else!! I got bitten. You don't want to look like me, trust me!
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