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Fashion Design

No description

Teren Robinson

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of Fashion Design

Fashion Design
By: Teren Robinson
Why Design?
I love everything about fashion
It's my passion
I can't see myself doing anything else
To have my own clothing line
Be a well known designer
Have my designs at the met gala
My Inspiration?
Kanye West
Ralph Lauren
Gianni Versace
Jeremy Scott
Creating an idea and producing a design by hand or computer aided design
Keeping up to date with emerging fashion trends
Overseeing production
Adapting existing designs for mass production
Opportunities for Advancement
Start as a design assistant intern
Earn your way to becoming a design assistant
Make your mark every chance you get so you will be seen as having potential to be a main designer
Design and produce your own clothing along the way
Put together a portfolio of everything you have designed and produced
Education Needed?
College degree in:
Graphic Design
Clothing Technology
Art and Design
Any degree over a Bachelor's betters you chances of getting a job in the field
Skills and Qualifications
Fashion sense
Technical skills
Design and visualization skills
Organization and time management skills
Additional Training?
Know how to sew
Previous work experience in the fashion industry
Work experience in a design studio is recommended
Be able to develop a pattern that will be used to sample garments
Have made my own item of clothing
Continuing to make items of clothing
Will be taking an art class in the near future
Will be a designer in Fashion Fest Live in October!!!
Working Conditions?
Advantages Of Working Conditions
Music: helps my creative process
Cleanliness: helps me find my supplies right when I need them
Creative: I can get influenced by just about anything.
You may want peace and quiet
It may be to fast-paced for your liking
People will distract you in your process of creating something great
Who Will Hire?
High-end fashion companies
Jewelry companies
Major department store corporations
Small retail store companies
Organizations good for this career?
The fashion industry in general
Major jewelry companies
Employers ?
Ambercrombie & Fitch
H & M
Tory Burch
Victoria's Secret Pink
Gap Inc.
The End!!!
All images used in this presentation were found on google

Granger, Michele M.. (2012).
Fashion Industry and Its Careers: An Introduction.
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