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Forging Our Tribe

No description

Kyle Huang Junyuan

on 17 July 2017

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Transcript of Forging Our Tribe

Forging Our Tribe
in a Nutshell
RSAF's Value in Peace
Nov 2013
Mar 2014
Apr 2015
Dec 2014
Feb 2011
February 2011
KC-135R and 2 C-130 Hercules

Delivered relief supplies & evacuated victims from Christchurch New Zealand.
November 2013
2 C-130s

Delivered relief supplies and evacuated 300 victims after Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines
March 2014
Fokker-50, C130 and Sikorsky S-70B

The search for MH370.
December 2014
2 C-130s and 2 Super Puma Helicopters

The search for QZ8501.

Transported Water Purification Units to aid in the aftermath of floods in Kelantan, Malaysia.
April 2015

Ferried the Singapore relief contingent and equipment to assist in aftermath of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.
HADR Ops and PSOs
Feb 2011
Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

Nov 2013
Super Typhoon in Haiyan, Philippines

Mar 2014
Search for MH370

Dec 2014
Floods in Kelantan, Malaysia

Apr 2015
Earthquake in Nepal
RSAF in Action
RSAF's Value in Peace
- Maintaining 24/7 Vigilance to Defend Our Nation's Skies
- Enhancing Deterrence
- Achieving Mission Success across Full Spectrum of Operations
- Fostering Commitment to defence
'Standing against all odds'
'Forging close bonds'
'United to all adversity'
Why FOT?

What can we do better?

Head, Heart & Hand loop

“Our people must forge bonds of trust that can withstand trials of inevitable injuries and even deaths, so that we will have the resilience to fight cohesively against adversity.”

“As our people understand their work affects others ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’, they will build the required operational instinct to better deal with uncertain and dynamic scenarios.”
- CAF in RSAF Workplan WY 15/16
“FOT is an
Operational Imperative
that Builds upon the Foundation of CARDINAL”
What can we do better?
Strengthening Team Competencies
Strengthening Sense of Purpose, Identity & Belonging
Strong tribe spirit at the Unit and Vocational levels
More can be done to build the 'RSAF Tribe'
Continue seeding effort
Encourage ground-up initiatives
Top-down measures to complement bottom-up initiatives
“ To promote Balanced Engagement Targeting
“Internalising that the Air Force fights as a system and every Command and its airmen has a critical role in the delivery of this mission”
Instilling FOT Instincts
Learning Exchanges
FOT Time
RSAF highlights of the fortnight

Sharing by Airmen

RSAF History
FOT Module

Structuring relevant modules to support FOT Courses
Cross-Command learning sessions
“Developing a Distinct Association with our Air Force”
Stories & Language
History & Heritage
Air Force Museum Package
Mixing of RSAF Spirits Ceremony for all in the RSAF

RSAF Cadence Song
RSAF Cheer
FOT Stories

Rooting FOT through ‘Common Language’
“ Experiencing FOT & Engendering Advocacy “
Leveraging on Project CHEVALIER
FOT Reporting
FOT Achievements
Enhancing Ops Training
FOT is an Operational Imperative that builds upon the Foundation of CARDINAL

FOT aims to (1) strengthen team competencies & (2) strengthen our airmen’s sense of Belonging, Identity & Purpose

FOT is a Command Responsibility
“Ultimately, it is you, the Commanders and Command Chiefs who must own the outcomes of Forging Our Tribe, and instil in our people a strong sense of purpose, identity and belonging to the Air Force”
- CAF in RSAF Workplan WY 15/16
- Ready & Prepared
- Soldiering On
- Collective Effort
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