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No description

Syazwanii Yaziid

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of CHAPTER 3:

Claudia's parents divorced because they could no longer get along with each other.
Rising Action
During one of the visits, Claudia accidentally meets the other woman in her father's life, Stella.
One evening, Stella hosts a birthday dinner for Claudia's father.
This incident marks the beginning of a cordial relationship between Claudia and Stella.
Falling Action
Claudia feels sorry to Stella.

Claudia lives with her mother but visits her father at Granny's place from time to time.
Claudia is extremely rude to Stella even though Stella tries to be friendly with her.
Claudia feels that she has become second-best to Stella in her father's eyes.
Claudia, who has chosen to have her dinner in her room, decides to eavesdrop on the dinner conversation.
She observes that none of the guests are paying any attention to Stella.
On the spur of the moment she decides to walk into the dining room and thank Stella for the green pyjamas, subtly hinting the guests' lack of praises for Stella.
The guests suddenly realize their blunder and began praising Stella.
Claudia's house.
Dad's house at Granny's.
Night; during Claudia's father's birthday dinner.
Evening; during the walk.
Moral Values:
Patience is virtue.
Stella has been patient dealing with Claudia's and the guests' impoliteness.
We must be matured in handling conflicts.
Claudia gives a hint to the her dad's friends that they were being rude to the hostess by flaunting the green pyjamas Stella has given to her.
We must be sensitive and cut the selfishness in ourselves out.
Claudia is sensitive to Stella's feeling when the guests ignore her, thus helps her by a simple meaningful flaunt.
Thank youuuu
comes to her senses by supporting her future stepmother.
feels sorry for Stella, her future stepmother, when none of the guests speaks to her and appreciates what she has done for the dinner.
drops a hint to the dinner guests to show their appreciation towards Stella by parading the green pyjamas given by her future stepmother.
finally accepts Stella's efforts-learns how to read maps, change electric plugs and skate from her stepmother.
She does not burst out when Claudia and the dinner guests ignore her.
Stella still tries to be friendly towards Claudia despite the cold reply she has been given.
She teaches Claudia how to read maps, change electric plugs and skate after their relationship has mended.
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