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Gizem Yarıcı

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

PSYCHODRAMA Methodology and Techniques
of Psychodrama PSYCHODRAMA Warm Up (Isınma)
Role Playing (Rol Oynama)
Mirror (Ayna)
Role Reversel (Rol Değiştirme) PSYCHODRAMA Methodology and Techniques
of Psychodrama Doubling (Eşleme)
Empty Chair (Boş İskemle)
Monodrama (Kendi Kendine Konuşma) Methodology and Techniques
of Psychodrama PSYCHODRAMA PSYCHODRAMA Therapeutic Norms & Factors Spontaneity
Corrective Emotional Experience
Insight PSYCHODRAMA Structure of Psychodrama The leader structured the group through:
Warm-up Stage: Topic selection.
Drama Stage: Working with the topic.
Meeting Stage: Comments and feedbacks. PSYCHODRAMA Responsibilities Directing, modeling, facilitating, interpreting, and disclosing.

Group therapist at the same time help when you need a few member's administrator is required.

Being active participants in psychodrama processes as protagonists, auxiliary egoes, and audience Leader's Responsibilities Member's Responsibilities PSYCHODRAMA The Aims
The Psychodrama The Based Of Psychodrama PSYCHODRAMA Spontaneity
Role Theory
Surplus Reality
Here & Now
Awareness Based Approach of Psychodrama PSYCHOLOGY Cognitive – Behavioral Approach on Psychodrama Existentialist – Humanistic Approach on Psychodrama Jacob Levy Moreno
Psychodrama explores the 'truth' by dramatic methods.
Usually,psychodrama based on ancient years Antropolog Bernard Aginski investigated this subject
Moreno established SteigreiftheaterTheater. PSYCHODRAMA Jacob Moreno & What is Psychodrama? PSYCHODRAMA WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM PSYCHODRAMA? unresolved loss
mood disorders such as anxiety or depression. WHERE IS PSYCHODRAMA USED? Mental health, trauma and abuse recovery,
counselling, medical training,
social work, schools and universities,
prisons and probation,
addictions programmes,
refugee centres, retirement homes,
personal development workshops,
relationship and marital counselling,
professional training and development,
human resources, and business and industry. Time : Short Term ; 3-6 Mounths,Long Term ; 2 Years

Number of Members : 10-12

Group Format : Generally close and homogeneous group

Gender Distribution : Prefered equal gender number

The Frequence of Meeting : Generally once a week and 90 or 120 minutes PSYCHODRAMA PSYCHODRAMA PSYCHODRAMA Producer Facilitator Analyzer Leader PSYCHODRAMA Co - Leader Group therapist at the same time help when you need a few member's administrator is required. Gizem Yarıcı
Ezgi Köprülü
Ezgi Yurdabak
Sibel Eslek
Begüm Toprak Surplus Reality (Özgerçekleştirime Yönelik Teknik)
Sculpture (Heykel)
Social Atom (Sosyal Atom) Methodology and Techniques
of Psychodrama Sociogram (Sosyogram)
Sociodrama (Sosyodrama)
Sociometry (Sosyometri) Re-integration of the New Experience
Interpersonal Therapeutic Norms & Factors PSYCHODRAMA Co - Leader Responsibilities
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