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Roles, responsibilities and skills of a coach

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Megan Payne

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of Roles, responsibilities and skills of a coach

Megan Payne
Roles, responsibilities and skills of a coach
Dave Brailsford
As a coach they need to also be a trainer they need to understand the physical demands of the sport. They need to have a good knowledge of the training principles, and be able to design training programmes for athletes. This is important because they are then able to get their team or individual physically ready for their chosen sport, they may do this by designing training programmes especially for their athletes needs. By doing this they will also help their athletes to minimize/stop any chances of receiving injuries this is because if they are trained to to handle everything that they may come up against in their sport, they are less likely to have any alien situations that may cause injuries. And if training programmes are also designed for their needs they can then have training programmes that fit around their injury for example, if an athlete had a lower body injury they would then be more likely to train only on the upper body for a period of time. A sporting example of this may be the coach of usain bolt. Bolt is a 100m sprinter, and usually as a sprinter they are quite short but bolt is a tall athlete which means he will have different training programmes to suit his running timings. Due to his height he will rise and reach max speed at different times to others. Bolts coach will devise elite training programmes to push him to the limit to keep his titles and records.
Role model
A role model is a "person looked to by others as an example to be imitated"When coaching a coach is representing a particular sport and needs to set a good example for whoever is being taught. As a coach they need to make sure they are setting the right example at all times, especially to young children and teenagers as they often look up to their coaches and also gain traits from them too. This is important because for example as a coach if they were to set the wrong example to their students in as much as not wear the correct kit, or use bad language intraining thier students may then think is appropriate for them to act the way that their coach does. This is important because as a coach it sets examples for students in their later life as they are more likely to represent a figue that they spend a lot of time with. A sporting example of a role model could be an athlete such as Jessica Ennis, who was voted best role model after winning gold in the heptathlon event at the 2012 olympics. After watching Jessica win at 2012 more children and teenagers, especially females have taken up more sports due to her inspiring performances. Jessica is an athlete that everyone can look up to as she is always setting a\ good example n her chosen fields and has also proven you can do anything as long as you are willing to work hard.

This roles means it is a new creative way of doing something. This could include coming up with different ways to develop techniques or searching for ways to enhance performance. This is important because if a coach was to come up with different ways to develop techniques this shows the team that as a coach they can also be creative.When coming up with new ways to enhance performance, a coach should cater to everyone's individual needs and also be able to work on small factors of a performance instead of trying to tackle it all at once. A coach as an innovator puts a team or individual in a pathway to success by providing personalized practices, this can be strategies made to target specific areas and needs.
A sporting example of an innovator is Jose mourinho this is because as the manager of Chelsea he guides the team to their pathway of success as an innovator should. He also creates new tactics and formations for the team to use during matches, this is to create a bond between the team so they are able to work together as a unit and aim to enhance their performance together.
Marginal gains
Friendship is a "state of mutual trust and support between individuals". Athletes and coaches spend a long time together and experience a lot of positive and negative emotions through losses and successes, it is normal for a friendship to evolve. Friendship is very important to have between a coach and athlete because an athlete should feel like their coach is approachable when necessary. For example if an athlete had any worries or concerns, their coach should be one of their first points of contact as someone to talk to who will listen and help to the best of their ability. With friendship it is also important not to cross the boundaries where athletes and coaches become too friendly as this could then lead to favoritism and complications within the team. A sporting example of a friend is Ryan Giggs he is currently the judge of Manchester United. He previously played with the current united team but when he gave up his football career he became one of their main coaches. This is a benefit because he will know the team players as individuals, and they players will feel comfortable when approaching him as their coach.

Legal obligations
As a coach they have a legal obligation to protect children in their care. All coaches must have a CRB and DBS check to ensure they do not have criminal records, this protects the children that are being coached by them at any point. Coaches should immediately report any worries they have about the participants to the CPLO. The children act of 2004 is very important because it shows that coaches must be aware of signs and symptoms of of child abuse, and also tells you as a coach what steps you need to follow. This is important because it makes coaches aware of what they need to recognize and if there is a problem it lets them know how they should solve it in the correct manner. Coaches must be able to recognize a number of things such as:
physical abuse - bruising occurring
sexual abuse - using children for sexual needs
emotional abuse - persistent lack of love
neglect - failure to meet the childs needs
An example where a CRB and DBS check needs to be carried out is if a coach wanted to coach an under 11s football team this is because they will then be working withand coaching children that are under the age of 18.
A sporting example of this would be James bedwell, as he must carry out a CRB check as he is teaching teenagers under the age of 18.
Roles of a coach
Sports coaches not only have to be able to provide learning opportunities in specific sport, but they must also help the athletes to develop as people. In order to achieve this, the coach needs to be able to fulfill several different roles
Responsibilities of a coach
As a coach there are a number of responsibilities that also come with it such as:
Legal obligations
Professional conduct
Equal opportunities
Coach carter vs glenn
When turning up to game glenn is wearing his itchen college tracksuit looking smart, and coach carter turns up and he is wearing a a suit. Both coaches attend games and they are both lookin proffesional.
Coach carter was not a good role model when pinning a player up against the wall when trying to handle a situation, where as glenn would calmly talk to his players when handling situations.

Coach carter vs glenn
When training glenn isnt that creative due to the fact that he only uses the same drills everytime where as coach carter uses drill with his sisters names and changes it every session.
Coach carter and glenn are the same because they both research clips of drills on youtube so they vcan then use them in their sessions.
Coach carter vs glenn
Both coaches deal with problems such as coach carter had a player to comfort from the team when they had a prblems and he felt he could approach carter and glenn has members of his team that also come to him if they need advice or have any problems.
Coach carter is seen as more of a friend than glenn because he is firstly coaching the players but he is also helping them for their future too trying to guide them in the right direction.
Coach carter vs glenn
Coach carter is only the coach for the basketball team so the team is therfore his only priority, but glenn sometimes has to go off and teach where he is also a teacher so he has less time to train his team compared to coach carter.
Both coaches design specific training programmes for the team to carry out based on their ability.
Coach carter vs glenn
Coach carter has to deal with his players problems himself where as glenn would know where to pass the information on as he is a teacher
Both coaches also deal with their players problems effectively and try to help them to the best of their ability.
All coaches must be insured to be able to coach, they will always have a duty of care for anyone that is under the age of 18. While coaching is any accidents or injuries were to occur when participants are in your care, you will need insurance just in case anyone decides to take you to court. Sports coaches are required to have level 2 coaching qualifications within that sport, and they also have to be registered with the national governing body. You can avoid falling foul to the law by following the code of conduct which are a set of rules and regulations that you have to abide by. You would fall foul of the law if you did not have insurance to cover you and also if you did not have a level 2 qualification. It is important to always be insured because if you were coaching and an accident such as an injury was to occur while the student was in your care, you would then be covered by the insurance and couldnt be held liable. A sporting example of this would be Karen session, she will be covered by te insurance of the college which means if accidents or injuries were to occur karen would then be covered by the insurance of the college.
Coach carter vs glenn
Both coaches are the same in as much as they both have insurance as coaches which is a responsibility that they are required to have
On the other hand they are different because coach carter also has his own insurance where as glenn will be covered by the colleges insurance
Professional conduct
As a coach you should behave appropriately at all times. This is because you are seen as a role model to the participants and your behavior will influence and effect the future behavior of all the participants, because they may feel that the way that you are acting is appropriate for them to copy and act the way that you do. Because you are also seen as a role model within the responsibility of professional conduct,as a coach you are also required to wear the appropriate clothing, always promote fair play, and reward effort to participants, respect and listen to all of the officials. In the coaching proffesion a code of conduct frm each governing body because they will be able to tell a coach what rules they need to abide by so they do not cross any boundaries when tey are coaching. This is important because coaches need to know their limit when coaching and where the noundaries end. They need to remember they are in a work environment.
A sporting example of proffesional conduct is James Bedwell, due to the fact that he teaches the same students each week he will automatically become more friendly with his classess, but he will always act proffessionally by abiding by the rules, this is because he knows that he is in his working environment.
Coach carter vs Glenn
Both coach carter and Glenn and similar in as much as they will both have proffessional conduct and rules that they need to abide by when they are coaching their team.
Glenn and coach carter have a difference which is glenn needs to have proffessional conduct and rules to abide by because he is teaching students. But coach carter must abide by certain rules when it comes to his team playing against others while in site of the press as he is not allowed to share information about his players.
Health and safety
Coaching skills
There are a number of important skills that a coach requires to be successful, they are the following:
Time management
Porblem solving
Time management
Problem solving
Coaches need to be able to communicate with a number of different people, such as participants, official, spectators, and other coaches. They are able to communicate with them in a total of 3 differen way, these are the following:
Verbally- talking to the participants, also being supportive and encouraging when appropriate, making sure everyone understand what is being said
Non verbally- This may mean that a coach will give demonstrations, ue their body language and also hand signals to communicate
Listen- This is where you listen when someone is talking to you and are also concentrating, you can show this by giving eye contact.
This is important for a coach to communicate because they need to let thier participants know what is expected of them, and it is also important for health and safety reasons. For example if there was any specific rules for the sport and the participants neededto abide by them, as a coach they should cummunicate with their participants most likely by communicationg verbally to tell them what the rules are, and also making sure that they all understand the rules before they carry on any further in the sport. A sporting example of this would be our Btec teacher Vicky, this is bwcause when she is teaching a class because she knows how to communicate with us efficiently she automaticallly uses all 3 types during class, she will start off by verbally telling us what we are going to do in class, if necessary she will then demonstrate to us what we need to do and finally she will listen to any questions that we may have at the end about the class.
Coach carter vs glenn
The similarity between coach carter and gleen is they both need to be able to communicate with their team efficiently either verbally or non verbally this is so their teams are able to understand what is expectied of them
A difference between the two is because glenn is a teacher as well as a coach he will ne ed to communicate with a larger number of people such as teachers and also parents where as coach carter just needs to be able to communicate with his team
This is where you have to nageyour time effectively you may do this by planning things in advance before they are meant to take place. When managing time as a coach there are a number of things that you should always check these are, making sure you athletes know where training session are being held and what time, always check the equipment before it is being used as to whether it is ready to use and also safe to use. They also need to make sure that for every training session there is time for competition at the end, this is because players should always have competition/fun time at the end of every session to put their skills into practise. This is important because by managing time efficiently coaches will therefore not be wasting any time trying to sort out players, equipment and fixtures they would have previously prepared everything and they will then have more time to focus on their team. A sporting example of this our Btec teacher andy, he always plans our classes in avance so he is able to get the equipment ready that we needto use and also so he knows himself what that xclass will consts of so he doesnt then have to waste time trying to prepare a session on the spot.
Coach carter vs glenn
Both glenn and coach carter need to plan the sessions and drill for their teams in advance so they dont waste any valuable time during training.
The difference between the two is glenn has to mnage his time with us more efficiently as he also has a number of other classes to teach as well as us where as coach carter only has one team to coach so he has more time for them.
As a coach they are responsible for all of the health and safety for every participant that is in their care. If they are under the age of 18 a coach has a duty of care to keep them safe at all times. There are 3 main health and safety rules for a coach, they are the following
Assess the risk, to see the severity of it
Protect the athlete, do nything to reduce the likely hood of any further injury.
Deal with any accidents immediately to reduce the severity level of any injuries.
There are also two different types of injuries which are:
external- this is where someone gets hurt by the environment or surroundings e.g if they come out of a bad tackle in football and get kicked on the way down
internal- this is where they recieve an injury from within e.g if they are running and suddenly pull a muscle
Health and safety is an important responsibility for a coach because as a coach it allows you to minimise the risks of accudents or injureis and allows you to keep everyine safe at all times.
Coach carter vs glenn
Both glenn and coach carter will have health and safety rules that they will need to abide by to make sure that everyone in their care is safe at all times
A difference between the two is glenn will have to make sure a larger number of health and safety rules are stuckt o and put in place suchs, clothing equipment movement, facility use etc. Where as coach carters health and safety rules are still applied butare quite flexible as he coaches an older ages team
Problem solving is the process of finding a solution to a problem. There may be a number of different problems that a coaxh may come up against, they may include the following:
Participants: When a coach needs to adapt the session to cater everyones needs so they aere all able to take part
Equipment: if there are any problems with the equipment such as if any of it is danaged it will then need to be disposed of and replaced
Transport: The booking of the transport may need to be carried out if your team is travelling to other facilities
Facility: This may be where a coach has to book certain facilities that they want to use and then adapt their training session to suit the facility.
This is an important skill to have because for example if there was a problem with the equpiment that was going to be used for the session such as flat footballs a coach will then need to be prepared and think on their feet as to what they can to dot resolve the problem. In this case it would be to always hadve a ball pump. This is a skill that is also key for everyday problems.
A sporting example fo this would be Glenn when he takes our classes for practical session, in some cases the sports hall may already be booked for other classes so this means we may then carry out our practical session outside so glenn would then have to adapt the session because we are using a different area.

Coach carter vs glenn
Both glenn and coach carter are good at problem solving and are always quick when it comes to spotting problems, they both solve problemns in games and in training
A difference is that glenn is better at solving problems when it comes to training because he would adaphe session to peoples needs or let them rest, where as coach carter makes everyone train and pushes them to their limit
To be a good organizer as a coach you firstly need to be able to plan your sessions, check the equipment beforehand, and check the facility, this is so you have everything ready before the session and therfore participants can enjoy your session and get the most out of it. This is important bee if you are an organised coach it will make it easier for you to run your sessions as you already have everything planned, this will also give you more time to focus on your athletes.
A sporting example of this would be our Btec teacher andy this is because he not only has to organise thing for our class he also has to organise sessions for his other classess rtoo. But for example when teaching us he will take us for practical and would have already planned the session beforehand so we can get straight into practical without any fuss and use our time effectively.
Ciach carter vs glenn
Both coach carter and glenn are organised because they both have to organise the equipment and facility for training sessions and they also have to organise match fixtures
The difference between the two is because glenn also has traching priorities he will normall send an automated email or text to his team about training or games where as coach carters team is his biggest priority and will tell the team personally about their training and games
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