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8th grade EOG Review Math

No description

Olisa McKenzie

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of 8th grade EOG Review Math

EOG Review 8th grade Math What is the decimal expansion of 1/8? a. 0.1

b. 0.125

c. 0.25

d. 0.3 repeating Solve for x: -3 (2x +1) +3x = 6x +3 a . -1/3

b. -2/3

c. 1/3

d. 2/3 What are the slope and y-intercept of the line y = 3.5 x + 8
a. 8, 3.5

b. 7, 6

c. 3.5, 8 What the solution to the equation 2x +5 = 6x -5? a. 5/2

b. -5/2

c. 10/4

d. -10/4 Below is a system of linear equations.

3x + y = 27
-x +3y = 11 Use elimination to solve the system. Which of the following is the equation of a nonlinear function?

a. y = 25
b. y = x - (3/4)
c. y = 10x Which of the following sets of ordered pairs does not represent a function? Triangle JKL and triangle ABC are shown below, respectively.

Which is not a right triangle?

a. 3, 4, 5

b. 3, 3, 3 square roots of 2

c. 5, 12, 13

d. 3, 2, 4

Which describes a sequence of rigid motions that show the triangles are congruent?

a. translation to the left, dilated reduction
b. translation to the right, dilated enlargement
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